19 Slowburn TV Ships That Destroyed The Moonlighting Curse

The Moonlighting Curse is a TV trope centered around will they/won't they couples and the possible decline in quality that can come from finally exploring them. 

This is a fear that some TV shows have obviously taking close to hear, not exploring an obvious pairing because of what is thought would happen to the show and the characters as a result of it.

The most notorious might be The X-Files, a show that became iconic in part because of the way Mulder and Scully fit together. 

Legitimizing their obvious sexual tension would be the next step in developing their relationship, and the show suffered when that was never fully done.

The 100: Shipping Culture and the Bellarke Romance of It All

Mulder and Scully were together but in these undefined parameters where it didn't feel like they were given enough exploration as they deserved. 

Now the same question could be arising on The 100, with the two leads Bellamy and Clarke falling victim to the same fear. 

There is no other direction for the show to go but to explore what has been built up between those two, but that commitment just can't seem to be made.

Luckily, television over the years has proven that exploring slowburn relationships isn't only successful but it even improves the trajectory of the show. 

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Here is a slideshow of some successful TV relationships that the show finally allowed to get together, only to see even more potential from there. 

1. Jake and Amy (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

Jake and Amy (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

Looking at where these two are now, it is hard to believe that they weren't always together. But as great as the destination is, the journey was a good portion of the story too. Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but really any Michael Schur comedy, is an example of what happens when you see value in romance and don't let it threaten your other storylines. Jake and Amy together is part of what makes the show so iconic, showing that in the narrative only make it that much more special.

2. Ben and Leslie (Parks and Recreation)

Ben and Leslie (Parks and Recreation)

Ben and Leslie knew they were it for one another, they had to figure out some obstacles first so they could get there. Parks and Recreation did a wonderful job having them connect, then admit their feelings, and then find a way to make sure they wouldn't miss out on their future. The pacing didn't feel rushed and at the same time, it felt like the show let them get together realistically.

3. Jonah and Amy (Superstore)

Jonah and Amy (Superstore)

Jonah and Amy took a while to find their way to one another, but once they did it was like everything finally fit perfectly. Superstore is an exceptional show that was only missing this key romance, and by finally committing to it they only made everything better.

4. Pam and Jim (The Office)

Pam and Jim (The Office)

There was no question whether Pam and Jim were going to get together, but if The Office waited any longer it could have taken a toll on the show. Luckily the crisis was averted, with this ship becoming one of the most iconic of all time.

5. Brennan and Booth (Bones)

Brennan and Booth (Bones)

Bones did what The X-Files couldn't for some reason, it saw how well their leads worked and made sure not to miss out on what could be. Brennan and Bones were obviously meant to be, and the memory of their relationship is still so sweet to think about.

6. Iris and Barry (The Flash)

Iris and Barry (The Flash)

Barry was so in love with Iris that it would be so foolish not to make these two endgame. The best part though was the time both of them had to get to the point where they were ready to be one another for real, with no obstacles getting in the way.

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