Chicago PD: 13 of Lindsay's Most Memorable Moments

It is hard to imagine Chicago PD without Erin Lindsay.

Sadly, Sophia Bush has announced she is leaving the series after four seasons. 

We can't let her go without a proper send off though, so we've put together a little tribute featuring 13 of her most memorable moments! 

From badass takedowns to heartfelt moments, Lindsay proved to be an integral part of Intelligence, one we will surely miss.

Hopefully, she'll be back to make guest spots from time to time, or to at least wrap up her story line with Jay. She can't move to New York without saying goodbye, can she?

Scroll through our list and be sure to let us know which are your favorites.

If you simply can't choose, you can always watch Chicago PD online and re-live all of her best moments!

1. Lindsay Helped Her Brother

Lindsay Helped Her Brother

When Lindsay found out her brother Teddy was involved with a child pornography ring, she did everything she could to help him, even going all the way to New York on a crossover with Law and Order: SVU. Erin blamed herself for his disappearance as a child, even though she was only 15 at the time, but she got through to him, and he helped them solve the case and brought down the leader of the ring.

2. Linstead's First Kiss

Linstead's First Kiss

Lindsay and Halstead danced around each other, but didn't give in to their chemstry due to Voight's rule against members of his team dating. Well, once Lindsay joined the DEA task force, they no longer worked together, and they took full advantage. She went back to Intelligence soon after, and thus began their forbidden romance.

3. Standing up to the Suspect

Standing up to the Suspect

After Nadia's death, Lindsay fell into a spiral, starting with bravely (stupidly?) telling a suspect to shoot her in the head while trying to get him to lower his gun. Lucky for her, he didn't shoot, but it was just the beginning of Lindsay's downward slide into drinking and drugs.

4. Lindsay Saved Halstead

Lindsay Saved Halstead

Lindsay was so far down the rabbit hole, that it seemed like nothing would bring her back to Intelligence. That is, until Jay was kidnapped and Erin insisted she be the one to go in and rescue him. She managed to take down both kidnappers, stabbing one and shooting the other in one of her most badass scenes. You do not want to mess with the people she loves.

5. Halstead Saved Lindsay

Halstead Saved Lindsay

Only a few episodes later Halstead got the chance to return the favor. Lindsay didn't realize the danger she was in when she went to show some pictures to a rape victim, who turned out to be the ringleader of the whole operation. One of the rapists knocked her out and tied her up, but luckily Halstead arrived just in time and shot him in the head.

6. Lindsay Killed Yates

Lindsay Killed Yates

Lindsay finally got the chance to avenge Nadia's death when Yates took a hostage and started sending her messages. Voight trieed to take her off the case, but when Yates lured her out she went after him alone. He killed his hostage and baited Lindsay into shooting him, but she didn't regret having to do it. She even told Benson she was relieved that she was the one to kill him.