The Last Ship Season 2 Episode 2

Hamada performs an ultrasound on Foster as Rachel and Tex head to save her.

The coalition starts the raid. Hamada prepares to extract stem cells, but Danny shoots up the control board at Olympia, cutting off all power.

Granderson sends troopers to the facility as predicted. Alisha escapes custody.

Chandler and Thorwold infiltrate Avocet HQ.

Foster makes a connection with Hamada's nurse, who loosens her restraints. Foster grabs the syringe and stabs Hamada just before Tex and Rachel shoot their way into the room.

Troopers are sent from the ship to Olympia. The rogue crew members raid the armory. Tensions are high on the galley deck as the crew starts to pass a knife and remove their restraints.

Chandler and Thorwold split up inside Avocet. 

XO Slattery sneaks into the communications room and accesses the ships cameras.

At Avocet, the raid continues, and Granderson is informed that her headquarters is under attack. Tex, Rachel, and Foster alter their escape route.

Avocet forces arrive at Olympia, and Danny takes them out. 

One the ship, Slattery signals the rogue crew members, and the request he cut the lights. The crew continues to cut their restraints. Weapons are passed out.

Jeter has returned with medications, and a van approaches the safe house. The girl who followed Jeter sold them out.  Avocet guards enter the house, but Grandpa and Jeter take them out. 

Tex, Rachel, and Foster meet  up with Chandler. Granderson is concerned with recapturing Alisha. 

Tex sends Foster and Rachel out of the building. Chandler finds a citizens in the cafeteria. Danny is pursued by Avocet forces. 

On the ship, the crew has regained control from the state troopers. 

Jeter and Chandler's family hears Danny call on the radio. Jeter goes to get Danny while Grandpa takes the kids. 

Avocet gets the power back up, and Granderson announces that the Navy is not to be trusted. Alicia is shot. 

Thorwold goes after Granderson, who is upset that her people are fleeing. Danny and Chandler find Alicia. 

The crew takes back the command deck. LCDR Barker is dead. The crew finishes sweeping the ship and takes down the helicopters.

Alicia doesn't want to go back to the ship. Danny is worried about Foster. 

Thorwold finds Granderson, but one of her men shoots him before he can kill her. 

The trooper in control of the bridge figures out that XO Slattery escaped and finds him in Comms. Slattery kills the trooper with a fire ax to the chest.

Chandler finds Thorwold clinging to life, and heads after Granderson.

XO Slattery broadcasts an announcement to Baltimore. 

Chandler finds Granderson as she waits for a helicopter. The troopers stand down, and Chandler tells Granderson about Alicia. He offers to give her a trial instead of an execution if she orders her people to stand down. She surrenders, then palms a syringe and injects herself with the Olympia cocktail.

The crew cleans up the Nathan James as Chandler arrives with his family. Slattery gives the primordial strain back to Dr Scott. 

Chandler settles his family into his quarters.

The wounded are treated in the hanger. 

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