Sons of Anarchy Season 2 Episode 12

SAMCRO is preparing for battle with the League of American Nationals by securing all of their loved ones in the clubhouse. Clay explains that the club has some business to take care of and the club protects its own; he says that people have been hurt on his watch and he's never going to let that happen again.

Chibs reaches out to Fionna, trying to get her to come under the club's protection from Jimmy O, who Chibs fears will think he ratted him out. Clay shows Jimmy O ATF surveillance photos of the Hayes combo meeting with the League. He tries to gets him to believe that Edmond Hayes is the rat.
Jax, Opie and Juice go to meet with AJ Weston. They let him know that Ethan Zobelle is dealing heroine with the Mayans, instead of preaching white hate. Jax and Clay then meet with Lee and Leroy about Zobelle. They tell them that all three organizations have one common enemy: Zobelle. He's the one supporting the Mayans, allowing them to overtake the Asian's and Niners' territories. The groups all agree to focus on Zobelle.
AJ Weston takes Jax's words to heart. He goes to Zobelle's warehouse to check on the guns and finds most of them missing. He looks deeper and sees Mule and two women loading up heroine. He kills all three, but not before learning from Mule that Zobelle has sanctioned the entire thing. Weston charges the cigar shop, pulling a gun on Zobelle and accusing him of being a race traitor. Polly Zobelle pulls a gun on Weston, but Zobelle ends the stand-off. Weston learns that his kids are being taken by the State, part of Jax's plan to rile up Weston. Jax arrives to needle Weston and sets up a meeting, each side's ten best men to square off, with only one side surviving.
Agent Stahl meets with Edmond Hayes. She is not only intent on arresting Jimmy O, but Clay as well. However, Clay and Jimmy O are onto Stahl. They set up a fake gun run, sending the ATF after an empty crate. Once the ATF leaves the Hayes house, SAMCRO arrives to take the AK-47s from Jimmy O. The ATF springs its trap on what they believe to be the gun sale, but find no guns and no Jimmy O. They open the crate to reveal two dead rats, causing Edmond Hayes to realize that his treachery has been discovered.
SAMCRO sets out for its ten-on-ten, no weapons battle with AJ Weston and his white hate brigade. However, when Weston arrives, he is with more than 10 men and they are all armed. When asked what happened to fighting fair, Weston responds that fair is for losers and he'd rather win. Jax agrees, and SAMCRO calls for backup: the Niners and Asians. Outnumbered and outgunned, Weston orders his men to put down their weapons. SAMCRO then begins the fight they planned, easily overpowering the Aryans.

Deputy Hale arrives to end the fighting and arrests Weston for the arson at the porn studio. SAMCRO then heads to the cigar store, where Unser has removed the protective detail on Zobelle's daughter. Zobelle arrives and Clay pulls a gun on him. Deputy Hale arrives and sees Clay preparing to murder Zobelle. Unser orders Hale and his men back to the station house, but before they can leave, Zobelle admits that he has illegal drugs in the cigar store, forcing Hale to arrest both Zobelle and Polly. As he is led off, Jax promises that SAMCRO is going to kill Zobelle.