Scandal Season 1 Episode 7

Quinn returns to find Gideon after his fatal stabbing. She calls Olivia for help. Olivia and the team arrive at Gideon's apartment and clear the crime scene of any trace of Quinn's presence to protect her real identity.

Billy Chambers interrupts a press conference to resign as the Vice President's Chief of Staff and tell the media about the President's affair with Amanda Tanner.

Olivia and Cyrus join forces to save Fitz's Presidency. Fitz is ready to resign when Olivia has a conversation with Stephen wherein she realizes she cannot allow Fitz to resign. She and the First Lady devise a plan that will stop the President from resigning but at great personal sacrifice.

Huck visits Charlie, Amanda's murderer, who later visits Cyrus who was behind the Amanda Tanner murder the whole time.

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