Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 4

Liz dreams of being at the ocean and Max coming to surprise her. When she awakens, there is a pain in her chest where the handprint Max once left was.

Jones breaks into Max’s house and assumes Max’s look.

Maria and Isobel take drugs as a means to tap into Maria’s subconscious. They are transported to the Wild Pony and see a mixture of situations relevant to both of them. Liz tells them to confront their truths to make them go away to access the rest of Maria’s vision.

Wyatt asks Rosa about what happened to his sister, but she lies to him and says she doesn’t know. Later, Jordan and Zeke see the two having coffee, and Jordan tells Wyatt that Rosa’s family murdered his sister.

Kyle brings the radio to Michael, and they discover there is broken alien tech inside. After fixing the alien piece, the entire message from Jim Valenti comes through urging Kyle to stop helping the oppressed, as it will cause him to make a sacrifice he shouldn’t have to make.

Heath takes Liz dancing and tells her that he’s willing to help her work on research off the books.

Jones breaks into Kyle’s office and goes over his medical chart before going to Max and showing him a memory of trying to find him and confronting Roy Bronson and Louise.

Maria and Isobel face a series of truths at the Crashdown, allowing them to access more of the vision. They see Bert talking to Michael and Liz arriving late. When they get to the casket, they see the Valenti seal and deduce Kyle is inside.

Michel and Max find Jones, and he offers to heal Max before showing him another vision of the night Roy and Louise set him up and put him in the pod.

Kyle is confronted by Jordan after Kyle heads to the police station to report him due to an attack on an undocumented farmer. The two fight and Kyle is impaled on a piece of metal.

Max arrives and attempts to heal him. And this causes Liz to feel the handprint in LA, as she argues with Heath about quitting Genoryx.