Reign Season 2 Episode 15

It's the funeral of the Duke of Guise. Conde is burning a hole in the back of Mary's head, which doesn't escape his brother, Antoine.

Francis pulls Lola aside. He has already made a possible alliance, an engagement, for their son and an infant Hapsburg daughter.

Antoine continues his pursuit of Kenna by leaving rubies in her room. He mentions his wife as a way to get her to trust in him and help him decorate for his party.

Marie de Guise questions Mary about the lack of an heir. Mary balks at the intrusion. Her mother gives her an herbal concoction to try to make her more accepting to sex.

Mary chats with Francis. She needs an heir. He has one, but she does not. He's rather disgusted she would base her choice solely on international policy. She shrugs it off as a necessary evil and he needs to think of it.

Kenna tries to talk Bash into going to the party with her and he needs to run off and save the world. He won't be back until late, but if she'll wait, they'll go together.

Francis confides in his mother. Catherine thinks he should follow her lead and do what she asks. However, the visit to Mary's chamber must be witnessed so there are no questions about the paternity.

Bash visits the woman in the village. The healer blinded her boy.

Greer got a wig for Charlene after the man chopped her hair off. I think she looks cute with her short, curly hair. Greer suggests she might make herself available to men at other venues.

Marie de Guise is none too pleased with Lola and blames her for Mary's potential downfall. She set her up by poisoning her own drink prior to Lola happening by, angering her and then walking away. Lola took the drink.

Bash meets with the Lady in White who is a nun. She, apparently, kills someone in order to save another. He says he has known other visionaries and isn't asking to taunt her. He asks her to lay hands on him. She tells him he will lose someone very close to him, and soon.

Kenna is upset at the mess things are made of her party plans. Antoine is setting things up to be miserable.

Lola is high as a kite.

While the party rages, Francis walks in his bed clothes to Mary's chamber. It's so formal. She says she's alright and wants to do that and immediately covers herself up. She begins to kiss Francis. He takes her to the bed and he's shaking with love for her. The very thing I know is love for her she is frightened of. Francis stops it. He cannot do it when she is so uncomfortable.

Francis promises to defend her and protect her always. She says if they live separate lives and move on with others, then what? It's then he realizes that she thinks she's in love with Conde. He knows she thinks Conde untarnished. He forbids her going to him.

Kenna arrives at the party in Antoine's wife's clothing.

Lola looks at the Hapsburg's daughter. They're a hideous couple and the wife has a unibrow. She has no problem sharing with them how ugly it is. She thinks it's nice Francis is here and willing to marry their son to that ugly baby.

Mary tells her mother there will be no heir. She was raped when Protestants attacked that castle and that's why they have separate bedrooms. Mary makes a grand speech about being utterly and completely alone. Looking at her mom she feels better for it. She needs counseling.

Francis sends Lola home and ensures her servants attend to her through the night.

Conde goes to Mary. Blah blah. She cares for him deeply, but it will be worse for them than ever given that Francis has forbidden them to be together. Was he mean to her? No. Her mother was worse. Conde wonders if her mother might be on opiates and that's why she treated Mary so Harshly.

Bash is angry with Kenna for not waiting for him. When she asks about the message, she is surprised to learn Antoine never sent it. Bash says clearly she wants more than she has. Yes, she does. She wants more and she wants it with him.

Lola is back at the castle and rushing straight into Narcisse's arms. She wants sex. Surprisingly, he turns her down and asks that she is watched over. He wants anything that ever happens between them to be real.

Marie de Guise is dying. She has cancer and the pain is unbearable. Mary's brother is weak. She must go back to help James while she still can. She wanted the world to fall at Mary's feet, but she can't protect her when she's gone. She couldn't even protect her when she needed it most.

Antoine seeks out Kenna. She tells him to stay away. He wants her to be his wife. He thinks a church would overturn it.

Catherine and Francis talk again about Mary. He tells her Mary has released him to be free with whomever he wishes. She says she will support him whatever he decides. As she leaves, he hears Lola and the baby outside, having fun in the snow. He reiterates their friendship.

Greer is greeted by Charlene who gives her a lot of money. They're eating bread again, instead of the capon. Drives me nuts! She's going to be a madam for the girls. She'll tell them where the parties are and they'll share their profits.

Mary shares her news about her mother with Conde. She's going to return to Scotland to rule in person. She wants Conde. At her side. She wants him in Scotland with her. Where they can be together. A new life for them both.

Just moments later, Antoine tells Conde Elizabeth has asked for him. She wants him to court her. He could be the next King of England.

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