Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 5

Ralph Angel and Darla plan their wedding. They tell Blue, and he is “jubilant.” Darla asks Charley to be her maid of honor. Ralph Angel tells Hollywood on the phone that he’s his best man whether he’s at the wedding or not. 


When Hollywood can’t make it back because he’s handling his mother’s affairs, Charley suggests asking Micah, which he does. 


Violet makes a last-minute cake. Hollywood feels terrible because he’s still at his mother’s, trying to get things settled at her house. He’s upset because he can’t give his mom a proper funeral. Willa Mae wanted to be cremated. Hollywood sprinkled her ashes over a lake where they used to spend time together. 


Charley throws Darla a surprise Zoom Welcome to the Family/Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party along with Aunt Vi, Darlene (Darla’s mother), and Nova, who welcomes Darla to the family.


The wedding takes place on the Bordelon farm, and it is beautiful. Darla wears a lovely white cotton wedding dress. Ralph Angel wears a suit. Most of those in attendance wear yellow as requested by the bride and groom.  


Darlene watches the wedding via video. She later tells Violet that she’s considering trying to get Blue into the same school the Obama girls attended in Washington D.C., but she hasn’t discussed it with Darla or Ralph Angle yet. 


At the wedding, Calvin asks Nova if she’d ever consider marrying him. She tells him that they should think about it together. Later, she visits her mother’s grave and prays for guidance. 

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