Queen of the South Season 3 Episode 4

Teresa, Pote, and James are in Arizona outside of Pheonix. James has a compound set up and Charger and Tanto (Epifanio's former men) are there and willing to work for Teresa. Local Sheriff Jed Mayo is mean and hates illegals. He can be bought but he works for La Comisión, the five cartels that run the drug trade in Arizona. 

Teresa is using a guy named Ivan to build her a dark website to sell her product. She can distribute to a thousand mid-level dealers without ever meeting them and get paid through crypto-currency. She hopes to cut a deal with La Comisión to move her product throughout Arizona.

Despite his agreement with La Comisión, Sheriff Mayo has gotten greedy and is seizing their shipments to make more money. Pezas, the head of La Comisión, tells Teresa that if she gets the Sheriff to back down, they’ll make a deal with her.  

Teresa obtains a video of Sheriff Mayo torturing a prisoner and has it sent to a reporter, but the next thing she knows, Mayo is arresting her and James, but he takes them to a deserted road and brutally kills the reporter in front of them. They promise him $20 million, (double the bounty on Teresa) if he lets them go. He keeps Teresa and sends James for the money. 

At the money drop, they kill the deputy and Pote shoots Mayo but doesn’t kill him because of his injured hand. Later, Pote tells Teresa that he might not be able to fire a bullet but he’ll take one for her. 

Kelly Anne is in Arizona as a real estate broker and her new name is Priscilla. She helps Teresa buy an old winery from where she can run her business. Kelly Anne is also taking care of Tony who is doing well at school and just made the soccer team. He asks for Teresa, but it’s too dangerous for him to see her. 

When Sheriff Mayo is in a coma and not expected to recover, La Comisión accepts Teresa as their new business partner, but Teresa believes Pesas is the one who set her up with the Sheriff in the first place. 

Camila has a nightmare about Teresa which has omens of death. She pushes Alonso to find Teresa, breaks a glass in her fit of anger, cuts her hand, then has sex with him. Then she gives him information to take down another one of Boaz’s shipments. 

When the DEA takes his latest shipment, Boaz thinks he has a rat and kills and decapitates one of his own men. Cortez tells him he murdered the wrong person and shows him a photo of Camila talking to Alonso. Boaz is furious. 

Camila has her tarot cards read and the woman tells her their is much darkness ahead, more than ever. 

Camila is running a protest against the cartels, called the Widow’s March. She asks Isabela not to come because it’s not safe, but Isabela insists on being there. 

At the Widow’s March, an attempt is made on Camila’s life by one of Boaz’s men, but she has a stand-in and is completely unharmed. The attack has Costel and Reynaldo on Camila’s side. Turns out that Cortez getting Boaz to turn on Camila was all part of Camila’s plan to get rid of him. 



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