Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 12

Teresa brings King George and Devon together to tell them she’s leaving Camila and embarking out on her own, but she’d like to keep working with both of them. But first, Teresa must steal El Santo’s product back from Camila. 

Teresa goes to the new gang and offers them guns and 10% of the cocaine if they help her steal back the drugs from Camila. 

James plans to break Camila out of jail when they move her to a maximum security facility. Someone smuggles in pills that Camila takes to make her fall unconscious so that they need to take her to a hospital in transit, but another crew grabs Camila before James and his men can get her. James suspects Boaz or Teresa. 

Angry with her father, Isabela runs off to party with her friends. Pedro Jimenez holds Isabela, her boyfriend, Kique, and Isabela’s best friend, Olivia, hostage. Pedro says he’ll kill Isabela and Kique if he doesn’t get his $5 million ransom, then he kills Olivia. Instead of cowering in fear, Isabela tells Pedro she won’t ask for $5 million, she’ll ask for ten. She and Kique get $2 million and are set free, while Pedro and his cousins can keep the other eight. Pedro isn’t happy but he goes along with the plan and Isabela video records a “terrified” message to her father. 

Turns out that Epifanio broke Camila out of prison, simply because Isabela wanted him to. Unfortunately, he has to tell Camila that their daughter has been kidnapped and he shows her the video. 

Guero calls Teresa. Pote told him she was in trouble. Guero wants her to sit tight and stay safe until he comes back. Teresa says that’s not possible. Then she and her crew go after the cocaine. Teresa gives James a chance to join her but he tries to kill her instead. James gets away, but Teresa gets the cocaine with Pote and the crews help. But one of El Santo’s men with a machete, and a little girl in a mask with a knife show up for Teresa. 



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