Marvel's Runaways Season 2 Episode 6

Robert wasn't killed by Jonah; he was merely knocked out.

Jonah puts his big plan into motion: he's ready to leave Earth on his ship. He'll need all the parents to do their part or else he'll kill their children. He disproves their worries about the ship destroying California; the ship won't harm anyone.

Jonah also offers to help PRIDE decode his book and return their children alive.

Karolina confronts her mother about the truth of Jonah. Leslie reveals that they sacrificed those teens to keep Jonah alive because he threatened to kill the kids. She also reveals that Jonah killed Amy (Nico's sister).

Gert telepathically apologizes to Old Lace for putting herself in risk to get medication. If she gets caught, she asks Old Lace to protect to the others. Janet Stein arrives as Gert's "mother."

Robert wakes up from his unconsciousness. They have some faith that Janet will be able to decode Jonah's book. Stacey thinks Jonah's offer might be real.

Alex upgrades the supercomputer they stole from the school.

Nico wants to apologize to Molly, but Molly refuses to hear it.

Chase picks up Gert from the hospital. Janet is there and asks for forgiveness; Chase declines saying that too much has happened. She warns him that Jonah is looking for another sacrifice.

Leslie takes control of the Church of Gibborim. Jonah watches from behind the curtain; he's heartbroken over the betrayal.

Karolina lashes out Nico when Nico wants to give her company. Meanwhile, Chase gets mad at Gert for lying to him and using his mother to get her medication.

Karolina asks Alex for help in how to talk to Nico about Amy.

Frank and Leslie stand up to Jonah. They won't get him another sacrifice; without it, he will die.

Chase decides that he is moving into his own room. Karolina is moving into her own room as well.

The Runaways plan to visit the Church of Gibborim to stop Jonah's next sacrifice.

Geoffrey's trainer Jason is murdered by Jonah. Jonah uses his powers to burn Geoffrey in the steam room.

Janet reveals to Stacey and Dale that she saw Gert at the hospital. Stacey is livid that Janet let Gert go.

Karolina distracts the followers from the church with her powers; the others go looking for Jonah. The Runaways save Geoffrey from the sacrificial box.

Jonah is partially cured from the ritual.

Chase dismisses Gert's apology.

Janet frees Victor from the stasis pod. She needs his help to shut down Jonah's ship.

The Runaways keep Geoffrey tied up in a straightjacket at the mansion. Alex intimidates his father.

Karolina tells Nico the truth about her meetings with Jonah and that Jonah killed Amy.

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