Madam Secretary Season 5 Episode 19

There is a meeting at Elizabeth's house. Henry gets a call that someone is here. Elizabeth says he and Stevie have to go -- no White House employees. However, the whole State department is there but not as employees.

Elizabeth thinks they will launch in two weeks. Mike B says 10 days. The meeting is interrupted by Russell showing up. Someone has written an article saying Elizabeth and Dalton slept together when they were both at the CIA. It is BS but Mike says they should ignore it and focus on policy. Later, Elizabeth tells Henry she is upset with this misogynistic attack. Plus they have to tell the kids.

Meanwhile, at the State Department, the climate change agreement is again threatened because China wants a private jet and is needed to help the UN pass sanctions against Myanmar who is violating international law.

Jay talks to Nina about the transition. Then he talked to Daisy about the article and how their answer is no comment. Daisy says that makes it sound like she did have an affair.

The Chinese ambassador will miss Elizabeth. She asks him to vote for the UN tribunal. Ming thinks it is not China's concern. Elizabeth says Ming is worried about the spotlight turning on China's treatment of a persecuted minority. If China sells private jets to Myanmar, they will be sanctioned too,

Elizabeth's opposition makes a speech about how they need to close the borders. Elizabeth says now they have to fight nationalism at home when she just lectured the Chinese ambassador about global nationalism.

Elizabeth comes home all defeated. Everyone is there because Henry said she wanted to talk to the kids about something. Elizabeth isn't up for this. Jason worries that Elizabeth has cancer since she doesn't want to share the news. Henry explains what's going on. The kids are offended. Jason can't believe she isn't going to fight back. Alison says no one at school follows the news.

Nina talks to Kat about getting tampon dispensers in the women's bathrooms. She also wants to transfer once Elizabeth leaves. She heard the deputy secretary is disrespectful to women. Kat says she will take it from here.

China pulls out of the agreement, thanks to Callister's speech. Elizabeth's advisor suggests they call what Myanmar is doing genocide. That would also send a message to Callister.

Mike shows up and says don't read the article or social media about it.\

Henry reads the article and reschedules his lunch. Instead he meets with Isabel and tells her articles like the one who came out today don't help. Bess doesn't know he's here. He wants to know if she knows who did this. She doesn't. She never heard any rumors when she was at the CIA. She thinks Elizabeth is right to ignore this. Henry says what if the kids read about this? Isabel says there is nothing to this.

Henry comes home and says he thinks who knows the source of the story. Elizabeth is annoyed that he reached out to Isabel, who denied hearing the rumors. He thinks she's the source.

Elizabeth says that makes no sense. Henry says he knows they should ignore it but after he read the article he couldn't. He says as long as there's no evidence it's okay. Elizabeth asks are you asking me if I had an affair? Henry says he doesn't doubt her, but she was halfway around the world. Elizabeth says nothing ever happened. She is upset as she answers the phone. The Governor of Massachusetts is here. He wants to discuss her future plans.

The governor doesn't believe Callister represents his party's values. He believes another candidate can bring those people back to the center. He wants her to run for President as a Republican. She says she works for a President who turned his back on both parties. He says she's a worthy candidate. She says she doesn't feel comfortable with his party's current platform. He thinks she can bring his party back to the center.

Elizabeth's staff argues about whether to do this. Elizabeth says Dalton was an independent. Mike doesn't think two independents can win. Elizabeth says she agrees with some GOP positions. But she doesn't think that means corporations should pay lower tax rates than school teachers. What happens when she makes wealth disparity her key issue or declares war on gerrymandering? Mike says if she does it the affair story will go away. Elizabeth doesn't like that. 

Elizabeth wants to see Nina the next morning. She says Kat shared her concerns and she's grateful Nina brought it to her. She wonders if she will tell her more info. Nina doesn't want to repeat gossip. Nina eventually tells her about a private document women use to warn each other about men in the department. The Deputy Secretary has been accused of groping, lunging, and weird comments. Elizabeth asks to see the document. Nina tells her the President isn't in it and she's sorry about the article.

Elizabeth runs into Isabel on the street. She asks her about the rumors. She says she didn't want to feed the fire with Henry. She has no idea who it could be. Everyone could see Conrad favored her. Elizabeth is hurt. Isabel says the rumors were believable.

The next morning Callister is busy saying Elizabeth is an example of moral turpitude. Jason runs away upset.

Kat meets with the Deputy Secretary and gives him a copy of the anonymous document. He says "here we go." Kat suggests he takes the allegations seriously. Bailey is offended and says he has done more than anyone else for women's rights. Kat says now he knows how the women he hurt feels since he feels powerless now.

Dalton says that that using genocide will cause a chain reaction where they have to attack a lot of countries. He doesn't want her to inherit a mess in China from him. He can tell she's upset about the article. He is willing to make a statement. Elizabeth says she hopes his wife isn't too upset. Dalton says they have learned to keep themselves separate from the office. Elizabeth asks if he favored her at CIA. He says of course. She was smart, diligent, and could think independently.

Elizabeth has been given an offer by the Democrats also. She decides to run as an independent and wants to run her campaign her way.

Bailey has resigned. Everyone doubts he wrote his letter himself. Instead, Under Secretary Thompson will serve as Acting Secretary.  Also tampons in the bathrooms have been approved.

Elizabeth meets with Jane Pauley. Elizabeth dodges the question of if she is running. Jane Pauley asks her about her relationship with Dalton and the rumors. Elizabeth says that these rumors are being spread by the same people who are trying to spread hatred and intolerance. She says what's happening now is even more scary. The extremists are trying to get into the White House. She says every generation gets to choose whether the experiment continues, and that means not giving into weaknesses that make us fragile