Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 19

A couple of mothers talk about how bored they are while they walk down the street but they hurry across when they see a bunch of guys leering. They part ways and one woman goes back into her building, where a masked guy with a knife grabs her.

Apparently this is the third of a series of assaults. Other woman and her husband come and say that sex offenders are at a local homeless shelter. 

Homeless people are defensive and Rollins resorts to threatening to get their PO officers to make their lives miserable to make them cooperate (yay for unconstitutionality). An old homeless man named Gregory Searle apparently was supposed to be in jail for life.

Carisi is apparently undercover and Rollins is worried that he won't tell Benson if his assignment is too much.

Rape victim cries as she talks to Benson who reassures her, but her father blames the homeless deviants. Benson gets him to calm down and gets Sophie to do an audio lineup.

So far Carisi has got nothing. Also the shelter therapist might call about his background.

Sophie is not sure who sounds like her attacker. An attorney shows up representing two of the homeless guys and says Searle couldn't have done it because he likes younger women.

Rollins worries more about Carisi being in the shelter. Fin has an attitude for some reason.

Carisi attends a therapy group in the shelter. His cover story is he had child porn. He gets judged. The therapist doesn't let him ask if anyone is a rapist.

The victim's father and some other guy try to beat Carisi up with a baseball bat but Richie saves him.

Carisi doesn't want to go to the hospital. Rollins is upset and wants Carisi protected. But Sophie's neighbor ID'd Richie as being around right before the rape. Richie has an alibi: his wife.

Meanwhile, Richie's lawyer wants Carisi to sign a petition reducing Richie's sex offender status. Carisi almost blows his cover.

Richie's wife claims her husband didn't mean to rape anyone and was just drunk and it's the only mistake he ever made so it shouldn't be held against him. Anyway she made him a pot roast. But Fin and Rollins say they're going to check with her boss. She says she didn't ge thome til 8:30 but sh ekenw Richie was here because someone ate half her pot roast.

For some reason the therapist isn't at the group and Richie knows a lot about her schedule. Surprise, surprise, the therapist was stabbed to death.

Carisi comes to see Benson. She says someone stalked Robin at her car, raped her and stabbed her. Black thread under her fingernails, prob was killed because she recognized the attacker. Rollins and Carisi think it may be Richie. Carisi thinks that's out of character. He thinks it's Loomis, the weird guy from before, who was an hour late.

Searle has a photo of a girl from 33 years ago and is agitated by the search. Loomis has keys in his pillow to a storage locker. Apparently the company doesn't keep records of who visits. There's women's underwear, comic books and a knife. and mask, as well as the jewelry stolen from one of the victims.

Loomis has sat around silent for three hours. By the way Dodds is at Quantico for a week.

Rollins finds the jewelry belongs to a rape victim from a year ago in Hempstead, where Loomis was staying at a shelter. He didn't speak at first then used the same catchphrase. The jewelry only belonged to victims where he was silent. Evidence suggests that Robin's murder was a copycat. Of course Richie was also at both shelters. 

Carisi is upset. He thought he had a gut for these things. He started to see these guys as more human.

Parole officer suggests Richie was a model parolee but maybe not, since nothing surprises her. He saw a lawyer right before.

Carisi reveals himself as a cop to Richie and arrests him or something. 

The rape victim from last year wonders if one of the voices on tape is her rapist. She doesn't remember the voice after a year. Benson tells her the guy attacked someone else. She plays the tape again but can't say anything. The rape victim recognizes the lawyer's voice  and starts freaking out..

The lawyer complains they've been waiting three hours. Apparently there's security footage. Richie won't confess. Benson sends him and his lawyer to his apartment to supervise a search. They find the jewelry in the toilet tank. The lawyer is arrested. Richie looks shocked. Carisi reveals to Richie there was no security camera. Richie tells him he ruined his wife's life.

Carisi is upset that Richie will never escape his past as a rapist. Rollins invites him to dinner.

Benson tells Sophie's father he's lucky he's not under arrest. Fin is going to dinner at his son and son's partner's.


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