Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 11

A fifteen year old girl gets invited to a party via social media. The teenage girl is Madison Baker, who attempts to meet movie star Scott Russo. She sneaks out of her home and is found in an alley by New York officers at the end of the night.

Madison gets dressed up for a night on the town. She's in the backseat of a taxicab putting on lip gloss, taking shots of vodka, and unveiling a sparse dress. She shares a glance with the taxi driver and then gets out. 

Smash cut to her in a hotel bed, naked, and exposed. Then cut to her in a suitcase, like discarded luggage, and rolled out to be left in an alleyway. 

She's discovered by police later in the night, and revived from the overdose. 

Scott Russo is considered to be the main suspect. There is evidence that points towards him and Madison sharing picture messages back and forth, and meeting at the party she was heading to in the intro. However, he denies ever having relations with her.

At the same time Madison denies remembering anything, but it's soon revealed that she's continuously lying to cover up for Scott in some way. 

Madison believes that she has some sort of significant relationship with Scott, and believes that the fact that his best friend and fellow actor, Skye, drugged and raped her, would be considered "cheating."

Scott acts as if he is guilty simply by attempting to continuously transform his real life into art - he stars in a film alongside Skye about being falsely accused - all while the case is going on. 

As the story unfolds, Madison and Scott both agree that they met at the party. 

LMZ leaks partial security footage that gives definitive proof that Madison went after Scott up to his and at least knocked on the door. The video cuts off after that, and is soon stolen completely. 

Scott claims that he denied her due to her age, but Madison initially claims that she took pills from his bathroom for nerves, and that they did indeed have sex.

It turns out, however, that she's covering for Skye so that Scott doesn't find out that she "cheated" on him by sleeping with his friend - even though she was drugged and it wasn't consensual. 

Madison finally reveals the truth, and clears Scott's name. 

It's further revealed that Lydia, initially thought to be helping Scott cover up his mistakes, has actually moved on to a new boy toy in the form of Skye. 

Scott is also having extramarital affairs with his married co-star, and Skye has recently gotten a role starring alongside her. 

Because he had a deal coming, and because Lydia has a weird obsession to care for her clients like a mother, she takes the fall for Skye. 

Although Skye was revealed to be the assailant all along, he got to walk free. 

Scott was revealed to just be arrogant, and megalomaniac, as well as an egomaniac - but he was "innocent" all along.

At least this time around.