Hanna Season 2 Episode 2

Marissa returns home to Paris. Her boyfriend has left. Hanna steps off a bus in Paris. Marissa goes back to her office. Leo attempts to connect with Clara. He tells her Hanna is dead. He shows her the trainees at lunch in the cafeteria. Carmichael is having Marissa watched but she slips away. Marissa goes to another apartment where Hanna is staying. She cuts Hanna's hair and dyes it blonde. Marissa arranges to have Hanna, now Beatrice, stay with her old teacher Tom. Sandy notes Clara's return. Marissa confront Sonja about spying on her. Marissa arranges to get new ID for Hanna. Instead of the new life Marissa is planning for her, Hanna still wants to rescue Clara. Carmichael talks to Terry about Clara. Jules accuses Sandy of not attempting to expand her horizons. Hanna visits a neighborhood boy Felix, using his laptop to look up the address of Passway, the company which made the drug embedded in Clara's arm. Then she steals his father's wallet. Clara confronts Sandy about telling Utrax about Clara's mother. Clara starts a brawl in the cafe. Marissa discovers Hanna missing. Felix confronts her about the wallet and she makes him show her what Hanna did in his apartment. Hanna takes the train to Belgium, to break into Passway. She gets in as a trial patient. Jules is falling for Sandy. Hanna takes a sedative which makes her foggy. She is injected with the trial drug. Carmichael assigns Terry to work with Clara. Hanna overhears Passway officials talking about the drug's effects on Utrax trainees. Hanna hallucinates that she's under attack. She overpowers scientists and guards alike. She sneaks up behind a Passway official typing a memo about The Meadows Utrax program. Marissa arrives in time to rescue her from the guards shooting at her.