Halt and Catch Fire Season 3 Episode 9

Donna works at Amador, Gould, Gilson, Emerson, where she's a senior partner.

On her tablet it says Cameron is going to Las Vegas.

Boz walks in to give her a congratulatory bottle of Wild Turkey.

He can't stick around because Diane's already up at the vineyard.

Donna turns on her computer. It uses Windows 3.0 from 1990.

Joe is at a computer. Three TVs across from him. He starts making calls to stock brokers.

Donna is meeting some guys about Convex.

A dude walks up, introduces her to Gordon Clark. He talks bout how a weight was lifted from him. She talks about her own ball and chain. Gordo has a gal named Michelle.

Joe is eating Chinese out of the box. Phone call. It's Donna. She wants Joe to take a memo to Comdex to Cameron. He won't do it. She says it's perfect for her. If it makes the same impression on Joe that it did her, he'll be on the next plane out.

Cameron flew into the orient for Comdex. They've been there for four years. She has an Atari game. Space Bike IV.

Gordon is computer dating.

Joe stands in line to see Cameron. They walk the Comdex floor together, giggling.

Michelle arrives at Gordon's and Joni is a turd.

Cameron essentially went trick or treating at the Comdex tables. She dumps her swag onto the floor to see what they got.

Michelle tries to bond with Joni. By putting her fingers in her fingers in her mouth to fein shooting her brains out?

Cameron and Joe have fun dancing and drinking at the Atari party. Bu then Donna shows up and ruins it.

Joni tries to talk about vegeteranism and guts spilling into their meat. Gordon counters with cow piss in her milk.

Joe and Cameron get so drunk that they fall into bed together. In the morning, she slips out for her flight before he wakes up.

Gordon can't walk well in the morning. Joni helps him up the stairs (after eating his bacon...).

Cameron knocks on Donna's door. She loved working with Donna. Semi apologies. Donna wonders what she thought of the idea. Joe never showed her because he never read it. At home, Joe reads it.