Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 9

Izzie talks to Denny about how any of the recent events are possible. Denny suggests doing something that never happened - having sex.

Sadie talks to Meredith who is reading in the bathroom. Meredith talks about how Cristina is intense. They talk about Lexie being Sadie’s ally, her new intern BFF, so to speak.

Meredith gets a page from Cristina and they pass by Izzie’s room and she’s moaning. She assumes it's Alex but he isn’t there when she bumps into him leaving for work early in the hallway.

She momentarily worries that it’s Derek but he stumbles out into the hall as well. Alex knocks on the door, only to watch Izzie decide to play sick and closes the door on him.

The surgeons talk to Bailey as she has to make the decision since they are all waiting for their solo-surgery. Bailey splits the residents up.

The interns come in and they talk about how they gave an epidural to one of their own. Their little surgery clique is taking things further and further, but we haven't seen anything yet.

In a moment of weakness, having just been told by Meredith that Lexie is a prissy and informed of this by Sadie, Lexie suggests that they interns get rid of their "patient's" appendix.

The interns all decide that it’s a good idea, and when the poor sap on the table refuses, Sadie decides to offer up her own body.

Lexie clears the boards for Sadie, and Meredith catches them in the process, but Little Grey lies and says they are just giving Sadie a tour.

Mark and Callie talk about a man who fell out of the window, and who is now overreacting about being in the hospital and struggling to leave.

He even goes so far as to hit Callie, knocking her to the floor and breaking her nose. Mark takes care of her. The father apparently has nightmares and sleepwalks, apparently having forgotten to take his pill.

Alex, meanwhile, has a patient who believes that she may have some sort of cancer, but Dr. Karev thinks that it’s her appendix that may be inflamed.

Lexie goes to the cabinet to steal items, where she bumps into Mark. Derek bumps into Mark and Lexie and makes sure he’s not hitting on L'il Grey.

At the surgery for the appendectomy, Bailey, Meredith and Christina (the lucky ones who got to scrub in) made sure everything is correctly fixed.

Lexie has to look at a textbook as she works on Sadie. She is nervous about the whole thing and tries to stop it. Sadie gets upset and cuts herself.

Lexie successfully gets to the appendix, but it looks inflamed. Lexie starts to panic and worries that this isn’t a normal surgery after all. One intern bails right then and there because she is too afraid.

Mark talks to the little girl and she says toask Callie for forgiveness. He talks to her about the sleepwalking, and we learn that she may not have been sleeping in a while.

The paranoid girl apparently took antibiotics for a staph infection which may not have been one. She killed her own good bacteria in the process. It turns out that there is a poop transfer.

The intern who ran away talks to Cristina and Meredith, while Alex mentions to the two of them about how there is a lack of interns wandering around all of a sudden. Cristina finds an intern with the catheter and the epidural, and who now can’t move because of the catheter.

Izzie talks to Denny in the sack, post-sex. She’s still sort of denying the whole thing. She starts crying because she thinks that everything they just did - and him in general - will be gone in the morning.

Meredith and Cristina run into the room where Sadie is bleeding profusely and immediately try to fix things while they make Lexie get the Chief and Bailey.

Derek and Mark discuss Little Grey some more.

The paranoid patient tries to convince her boyfriend and Alex convinces him to stay and listen. She admits that she’s really paranoid. One intern finds Bailey and she is convinced to follow him.

The father with the nightmares is being diagnosed. His daughter is convinced that it’s her fault, that she causes him all the stress. It actually was from epilepsy that the man had. The doctors think they can fix everything.

Izzie wakes up and ... no Denny. She is nervous but he’s at the doorway. She cries at him. Izzie freaks out. She crouches in the edge of the bed ... and Denny sits next to her and tells her that he loves her.

Bailey walks in and Cristina gets help as to the correct way of dealing with the surgery. Meredith and Cristina inadvertently get some training.

The interns all are worried about going to jail. George tells Lexie how he could have fixed things. Lexie tells George it was a personal decision.

Izzie gets a page and talks to Denny before he goes.

He reassures her that he won’t be going anywhere!

Derek, Owen, and Mark try to fix the nightmare father and George spouts out about his relationship to the three. Derek associates it with Meredith but Owen associates it with Cristina.

Mark talks to the little girl about his childhood since he had a similar situation. He convinces her to actually get some sleep.

The Chief talks to Meredith and Cristina.

He thanks the two for reacting correctly. Lexie storms in saying Cristina knew about the situation. Meredith and Cristina discuss it together.

Cristina didn’t know about the appendix but did know that the interns were stitching each other. Cristina says Meredith didn’t stand up for her.

Bailey talks to the residents about how Bailey doesn’t need to talk to them about how to deal. They have to make their own speeches. The four of them bring the interns into Sadie and they explain the situation.

The four of them talk to the interns about how they were wrong. One talks about Izzie and he confronts her. Izzie sees this at the doorway.

Bailey and Callie talk about her nose and the crazy scalpel interns. Bailey talks about how long ago she was an exited intern and how now she does things so naturally that she doesn’t remember her surgeries.

Callie wonders if it’s okay to be tired.

Mark brings the little girl into her father’s room. Meredith confronts Sadie about the whole thing. Lexie is upset about the whole situation.

Cristina walks over to the hospital and Owen wants to talk to her, but he’s too nervous. She sits next to him and he tells her she’s beautiful.

Meredith and Derek chat about Lexie. She is in their house and Derek brought in a stray. Izzie and Alex talk about how she’s a mess but Alex understands the whole thing and waits. Denny watches as Izzie goes with Alex.

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