Friday Night Lights Season 1 Episode 7

At the pep rally for homecoming, former Dillon star Lucas Smith is in town. He tells everyone how great life in Dallas is working for an insurance agency.

But we later learn that this story is bogus: Smith blew out his knee in college, fathered a child he rarely sees out of wedlock and asks Coach Taylor for a coaching position. The coach handles this awkward request as best he can, but tells Lucas that there's no room for him.

Meanwhile, Eric visits Jason and asks him to attend the homecoming game. The former star QB says he has to think about it and asks Lyla for her opinion. He also asks if she sees Tim a lot because he has suspicions about these true. The man's legs don't work, but his intuition is spot on! While Lyla, of course, lies about her time with Riggins, Jason does end up leading the team into the homecoming game field.

In other happenings: Tyra teams up with Tim's brother Billy and organizes a huge party following the contact. The pair picks up 22 kegs, along with tons of other alcohol, and make over $4,680 with the operation.

The main focus of this episode, though, is Smash. He meets the well-known scout (named Grady Hunt) that puts together a top-100 prospect list every year. Colleges base scholarships off it. But after Smash has a poor game at homecoming (and Riggins dominates), Hunt tells the young running back to bulk up.

Making like Barry Bonds, Smash therefore gets into steroid use. The hour ends with him buying a wealth of these drugs from a gym employee and shooting up.

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