Friday Night Lights Season 1 Episode 16

The team is under fire as Smash Williams is being interviewed by the local media about the players that walked out of practice. Smash tells a reporter that at issue are the comments of Coach Mac McGill, and his assumptions of what people can do based on color. Smash unequivocally states that he'd like to see Mac fired.

The coaches meet about replacing the players that walked out. Coach Taylor decides to dip into the JV well to get players. This upsets Tim Riggins, as the JV guys are inept. Taylor asks Tim to lead instead of yelling at the new guys and bringing people down.

Tami (Connie Britton) and Coach talk to Julie about her friendship with Tyra. Tami worries about her behavior. Julie's attitude seems to have changed; she is talking back to her parents and bringing other things up and “throwing things” in her parents face. Coach tries to explain that Tyra is dragging her down.

Jason talks to Tami about his opportunity with National Quad Rugby Team. He tells Tami that he is prepared to take the GED if he gets too far behind on his school work. He tells her he is "putting all his eggs in a basket" for Quad Rugby, and that he's okay with that.

Matt Saracen is hanging out with Landry and looking for Julie. He runs into Tyra and can see that Matt has created a mixed CD for Julie as a present. She makes fun of Matt and his CD, while Landry tries to act cool and talk to Tyra. Tyra convinces Matt he needs to spend money on a real present, as Landry's flirting proves futile.

Tim is at lunch with the JV kids that assigned to him by Coach Taylor. Tim asks one a question about a play and he gets it wrong. Tim lays into him.

Some of the guys who walked out are increasingly afraid that they are going to lose their roster spot and miss an opportunity to get a scholarship as a result of their protest. Smash, ever the leader, but worried himself, tries to reassure the players that everything will be alright.

Coach Taylor is upset with Mac, for his "apology" was insincere. Mac feels like he did what he was asked to do when he apologized. Taylor tells Mac he could be terminated as a result of everything that has happened.

Buddy Garrity visits Mac and tells him that things will be okay. Buddy then goes into Taylor's office to talk about the game and says that the Boosters took a vote and want to fire Coach Mac. Buddy wants to win, and even though he's a friend of Mac McGill's, he feels like he should be fired because Dillon needs Smash and his teammates to win.

Coach Taylor stands up for Mac... for now.

Torn, Coach asks Tami if there is anyone else he can talk to and Tami says that it's about the team or Mac McGill, but all about himself. He has to fire him for the sake of his own reputation. Later, Mac gives Coach Taylor his resignation for the sake of the team.

Smash is working out and talking to Waverly about his decision to walk out on the team when his mother overhears this. Waverly continues to encourage Smash and his decision. She is confident McGill will be sacked and Smash reinstated.

However, Eric Taylor is being interviewed by the media the next day and in a complete 180, says that Mac McGill is still the offensive coordinator for the Dillon Panthers. Taylor did not accept his resignation.

Tim tells Smash that he's not a leader, and that Dillon needs Williams and his teammates back together as a unit. Smash jokes with him that Mac said Tim must be a natural born leader - he’s white, after all.

Jason is packed and getting ready for Quad Rugby tryouts. He is spending time with Lyla while he packs, but Herc is honking the horn outside.

Julie "goes to the movies" with Tyra, but first they stop at the Landing Strip - a strip club where Tyra's sister works. Matt and Landry, surprised at where they're going, head to the strip club to talk to the girls. A cop catches the underage kids at the club and brings them to the station. All get picked up from the station except for Julie.

Eric and Tami are outside the police station, purposely letting Julie stay in the holding cell a long time. They pick Julie up eventually and lambast her for hanging out with Tyra and betraying their trust.

Smash's mother tells him the Mac McGill situation has to end. Smash feels like he can't end it because he's a leader and everyone is looking up to him. Mrs. Williams gives Smash some perspective on the situation. At 17, not playing isn't doing him much good. He needs to get on that field, get his scholarship and work toward a college degree!

The Dillon team bus is loading up as Smash and the rest of the players that walked out are coming back to play. Smash walks by Coach Mac and tells him he "knows who he is" but is playing regardless.

The second round of the Texas High School playoffs pits Dillon against Dunston Valley. Early in the 4th quarter, Dillon is winning 34-30.

The game then takes an uncertain turn as Dillon runs a handoff to Smash, who breaks it up the middle and runs it all the way for a touchdown.

Smash is hit late (and hard) by a Dunston Valley player. No penalty. The defensive player is in Smash's face and Smash is trying to ignore him.

The Cardinal player calls Smash a "tar baby," and Smash is still walking away but then Riggins levels the guy and an all-out melee breaks out.

The teams are separated and are in the locker room when the referees decide that three complete quarters constitute a full game and that this one will not be resumed. The Dillon Panthers, leading 40-30, are awarded the win.

Coach Taylor wants out of town that instant - he doesn't even want the team to shower and change. The team gets on the bus in full gear.

The bus ride home is completely quiet until a police siren blares and the bus is pulled over. The officer wants to speak to Smash. The officers say witnesses claim Smash threw the first punch in the on-field brawl and he can be held on criminal charges as a result.

Mac McGill gets off the bus and tells the police officers that they can't get on without a warrant. Mac threatens to wait all night if it takes that long, but refuses to let them on. The officers talk a good game, but back down.

The bus ride is long and quiet until they make it to school, where they are finally able to really celebrate outside. Smash goes to thank Mac, but Mac won't have it.

"The police made a mistake, son," he tells Smash. "Just like me."