Designated Survivor Season 3 Episode 5

Someone suggested Kirkman had his wife killed and that she was a Russian spy. He doesn't want to dignify it with a response.

Emily's mom is getting sicker. Her cancer is spreading.

Hannah thinks the apartment complex was poisoned through the air system.

Isabel wants to propose pardons. One man is an anti government political activist in Puerto Rico whose words sparked an attack which killed people. It's a controversial choice no one wants to do.

Mars proposes a policy change that decriminalized drug addiction and provides them with help it cuts down on addiction.

Seth's rant against journalism about journalists having No ethics anymore gets him benched for the day.

Lorraine puts Aaron up to pressure isabel about the activist she wants to pardon. They fight and he implies he is the reason she is where she is and her work isn't as important.

Mars mistress Reena gives him an ultimatum. His wife wants to have sex when he gets home but he cannot perform.

Dontae didn't tell his new guy that he's HIV positive and never apologized. They have a conversation about stereotypes and being uninformed. They break up.

Penny looks into the death of her mother.

Emily's mom wants help with assisted suicide.

Kirmann flips the switch in the debate and comes out on top when his opponents rely on smear tactics.

Aaron is upset that Isabel didn't show up for him at the debate anyway despite their disagreement. Aaron and Emily comfort each other and then sleep together. Lorraine catches Emily leaving Aaron's room.

Hannah and Eli stake out where they think the male nurse Crawford will be since they also found him on footage at the apartment building where people were sick. They find him. Hannah shoots Crawford when he caught them going through his stuff, and he tries to shoot them. He claims it's bigger than it seems.

Aaron and isabel make up. He apologizes but he doesn't day anything about cheating.

Hannah recognized Crawford's tattoo it's a white supremacist symbol for Heil Hitler.

Lorraine stirred things up. She's behind all the Alex rumors to stir up sympathy for Kirkman.

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