CSI: Vegas Season 1 Episode 3

A female body stabbed multiple times is found in a fountain. Detective Nora Cross of Internal Affairs is heading the David Hodges investigation. Hodges' trial has been fast-tracked. The blood on the dog Brewski's tooth gives Gil and Sara a profile of his killer, a middle-aged man from South America. The undersheriff raises the pressure on the lab to find the killer of video-game developer Sandra King. Sara and Gil search around Hodges' house for clues. There is a framed photo missing, which could be what Hodges' fingerprints were lifted from. The murder weapons were 3D knives from King's video game. Security-camera footage shows King's lieutenant, Ben Miller, wielding those knives. Folsom and Allie strain the fountain water and find a contact lens. A man lingering nearby runs when approached but Allie stops him. He lives nearby and witnessed the murder. He identifies Miller. He was the second man that a witness saw running. Maxine retrieves evidence from the police warehouse for Gil and Sara, who are looking for a suspect. Folsom and Allie think the killer wore a 3D mask of Miller's face and contacts to frame him. Folsom and Allie reenact the crime. Maxine tries to match the killer's walk to video footage of those at the gaming tournament. Ron Kean matches the gait. All those convicted on evidence Hodges handled are rolled into a class-action suit. Kean lost an in-house game development competition. Maxine procures part of an insect from Kean's hoodie. He refuses to show her his left forearm. Gil identifies the stinger as coming from a rare bee. Kean buried the burned mask near his mother's house. His DNA was left on it. There are scratches on his arm. Gil is suffering from a condition that makes him feel like he's still on the boat.

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