CSI: Vegas Season 1 Episode 8

Undersheriff Wyatt has been filling in for the suspended Maxine. Anson Wix has a new forensic expert, Janice Woo. The remains burglars discovered in a tub are those of a convention center owner, Eric Shaw. Grissom envisions a fight between Shaw and a larger intruder. Shaw's ex Tammy says he worked with many disreputable people. Sara loses her wedding ring while she and Grissom are cleaning up Shaw's remains. Maxine is still in touch with Nora while suspended. Gil and Sara decided to get closer to Woo. Sara hires Woo to crack a biometric safe. Hugo discovers there are parts of two victims pulled from the pipes. Folsom finds a saw from the Prepper People in Shaw's tool box. Allie locates the bullet that killed Shaw in the kitchen cabinet. Folsom visits Maxine, who shows him what she found in the files Nora sent. Maddock says he gave Shaw the saw as swag to do business with him. Wyatt confronts Grissom about using Woo as a consultant. The teeth Sara recovers points to Chase Star, who Folsom met, being the second victim. Instead Folsom had met Grayson Star, Chase's twin brother. He thought Chase was traveling. Tammy has a chemical burn on her leg. She says she got the chemicals for Chase. Folsom and Allie believe she is the killer. Sara gets caught rifling through Anson's trash and they argue about forensics. Grissom goes through the remains again. Sara has Maxine check a lipstick streak from Anson's bathroom. Gil determines that a combination of chemicals that Shaw used to melt Chase exploded, blowing him back into the wall before he bounced back into the tub. The DNA on the lipstick belongs to Woo. Wix fires Woo. Maxine and Folsom confront the man who hired the hitman who tried to kill Brass. 

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  • Messy tub or a messy divorce. Tough call.
  • I'm afraid all our hopes have gone down the drain.
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  • Only Murders In the Building