CSI: Vegas Season 1 Episode 5

A cargo plane lands autonomously and everyone onboard has been killed. Gil and Sara tell Maxine they've identified Martin Kline as the man who framed Hodges. Folsom flies a drone through the plane to check out the carnage. Maxine and Marcus Barron, the FBI's "Agent Airplane," have a romantic history. Grissom and Sara check out Kline's recent cases to find the body parts used to frame Hodges. Allie discovers that the killer was looking for cargo on the plane. It was a box containing $2 million in chips for a casino. Gil and Sara go to the body farm. Hugo determines the pilots had been tasered. One of the victims was dying of lung cancer and may have been in on the heist like the one used to frame Hodges. His suitcase was used to smuggle the killer on board. Gil discovers a rib surgically removed from a body. A sticker inside the suitcase leads to a suspect, Gary Hayworth. Allie and Folsom check out the house where Hayworth visits his nephew Cole, the dying pilot's son. Kline introduces himself to Gil and Sara. He then calls his partner. Laura, Cole's sitter, has frostbite on her fingers and Folsom thinks she's the murderer. But he and Barron can't prove it yet. Folsom realizes that the plane had rolled upside down. He finds confetti whose serial number matches the taser that Laura bought. The dying pilot managed to shut the plane door to reset the autopilot on the plane, potentially saving people on the ground along its flight path. Kline is found dead, blown up by a grenade, in his torched home. Cole gets reunited with his uncle Hayworth. Folsom tries to talk him into adopting Cole. Barron leaves pilot's wings for Maxine. Grissom finds important evidence. 

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