CSI: Vegas Season 1 Episode 1

A sight-impaired Jim Brass shoots and kills an intruder in his home. Maxine Ruby and her CSI team later arrive at the scene. Based on the hundreds in the dead man's pocket, Brass determines that he was sent by a kidnapper named Lucky. An arsonist torches a pawn shop, leaving one man dead. Sara drives from San Diego to visit Brass. He wants her to look into the case. Sara meets Maxine, who is glad to have Sara's help. Lucky sends Maxine a box containing the skull of his last victim and a note: "Jim Brass is just the beginning." Sara bonds with Hugo Ramirez, the freaky new coroner. Chris Park fills in Allie about Sara's back story. There was brewer's yeast on the cheek of Lucky's victim. Folsom reconstructs the pawn-shop scene. He's attempting to figure out why the guns were melted down before the fire.A policewoman, Jill Fisher, is abducted. Sara and Park check out an abandoned distillery with a new lock. Sara finds the victim's body and a pile of cash under floorboards. Hugo discovers a slug near the victim's spine. From the ballastics, Sara determines that Lucky had been convicted of killing his girlfriend and died in prison two years ago. So it's not him after Brass. Maxine uses DNA from a bill the killer touched to identify a suspect, Bill Dwyer, Lucky's former cellmate. Folsom determines his killer used a crossbow. A walking-boot print helps him to identify the killer. Dwyer confronts Sara then she pursues him when he tries to leaves. He loses her crossing traffic then escapes in a car. Dwyer is caught with Fisher in the crawlspace under his house. But someone left directions for Dwyer, who refuses to cooperate. The trail leads them to a storage space that incriminates Hodges. 

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  • Is this going to be like the time I didn't know who Drew Carey was.
  • CSI: Vegas Season 1 Episode 1
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