Coyote Season 1 Episode 1

Ben Clemens is a veteran Border Patrol agent working along The Wall. While using the restroom at a storage facility, Ben becomes suspicious when he sees air bubbling up through the floor tiles. He cracks the window and leaves. He crawls back in through the window and discovers a tunnel underneth the tiles. He calls for backup but none is forthcoming. He hears cries coming from the tunnel and climbs down. He takes out the coyotes and helps those being smuggled get to safety. The bust also yields a big drug haul for the DEA. But Ben just gets sent back to the station. He walks into his retirement party, after 32 years. Javy's widow Valerie asked Ben's help to finish their cabin in Mexico, which she has to sell to avoid foreclosure on her home. Ben finds the cabin stripped to the studs. He goes to a nearby town for a meal and meets locals who knew Javy, his old partner, including a cop, Neto. Ben's ex-wife Jill calls to remind him of the graduation party for his daughter Katie. Thugs try to walk off with their order but Neto shames them into paying. Ben drags his young partner Garrett along to Katie's party. Ben feels out of place. Maria, a pregnant server, pops up out of Ben's truck's backseat, seeking help against the baby's father Dante. He takes her to Neto, who sends her back to Dante. Ben's being followed then gets forced off the road. Dante tells him to stay away from Maria. But Maria comes to his door then collapses. He calls Garrett to start an asylum claim for her. Two thugs arrive and locate Maria. She takes out both, one with spray insulation, one with a gun. Ben and Maria run after she says to trust nobody.

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