Coroner Season 2 Episode 7

Jenny realizes she started sleep walking when she met Kelly. T

he DNA for Kelly's son, Robbie, does not match her. Kelly tells Jenny that she was an addict living in a rooming house with a woman named Holly and Holly's son Robbie. Holly died and Kelly took the baby and got clean.

McAvoy calls Noor and invites her to his siter's wedding. He finds out Noor is married, and her husband is stuck in a refugee camp in Ethiopia.

Jenny asks McAvoy to check into Holly to verify Kelly's story.

Jenny blows up at Gordon about lying to her about Katie. Gordon has a seizure. The doctor tells them it could have been caused by a medication overdose.

Lucy and Malik makeout.

Holly Groves, who was found dead in a flophouse she was an equistrian. She hurt herself falling off a horse and got addicted to pain pills. The Groves' hired a sober companion named Kelly. Holly never had kids. Kelly was pregnant, but not with the baby that died in the fire.

Ross calls Kelly about Gordon. Kelly shows up at the hospital. Jenny gets angry and kicks her out. She thinks Kelly is the one who caused him to overdoes. When she asks the nurse how Kelly got in, the nurse tells her Kelly claimed to be Gordon's daughter.

Liam tells Jenny he hasn't seen Mal since the accident, that he's been going to bars. Jenny advises him to visit Mal. He goes, and they get into a physical altercation.

The pills Gordon overdosed on are Jenny's. She finds proof that Kelly tried to poison her father, but she knows it would never hold up in court.

Gordon wakes up.

McAvoy goes to arest Kelly, but sees her with Noor and hesitates.