Blue Bloods Season 1 Episode 22

-Jamie comes clean with the family about the Blue Templar investigation and Frank quickly takes over the case, pulling Danny and Erin in as well.

-The Blue Templar team robs and kills a drug dealer getting away with $12 million plus another $12 million in pure heroin.

-Frank starts his own wire taps and Erin scrambles to obtain warrants. They match a voice on the taps to Detective Malevsky.

-Danny enlists Jackie's help to tail another detective but she is run off the road. They suspect that the Blue Templar team is making a run for it.

-Det Malevsky distributes the millions between the Blue Templar members as Frank, Danny, Jamie, and an ESU team descend on them. Malevsky kills himself after admitting to killing Joe.

-Jamie protects Laura Peck, a pretty woman who escaped being kidnapped.

-When Jamie finds out that news of the kidnapping attempt has not been released to the press, he realizes that Laura's friend Billy couldn't have known about it, unless he was a part of it.

-Jamie manages to rescue Laura before Billy and his friends try again.

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