All American Season 3 Episode 10

Olivia goes to a different Narcotics Anonymous meeting. Nina volunteers her services as sponsor. J.J. wants Asher to put in a good word for him with Vanessa and he does. But she tells Asher she's waiting for him instead. He can't give in because of J.J. Olivia hesitates choosing her sponsor. Coop gets into it again with Mo, who is looking for Patience to sign documents. Billy tells Spencer that a half-dozen players are grade eligible for that night's game. He's also got eight college coaches coming to watch Spencer. Coop delivers Patience's documents to Layla. Coop almost lets slip what Layla's dad did to Patience. A coach is coming to see Jordan play as well. Olivia talks at her next NA meeting. Kia accuses Coop of profiling Mo. BIlly informs his team they need to win or it's no playoffs. Layla tracks down Coop to find out what her father did. Billy pays tribute to Corey and his seven-touchdown Homecoming game at halftime, when his team is losing. Corey's retired No. 5 is placed on the field. He invokes Corey's spirit for Spencer. Jordan is sacked and knocked unconscious. Spencer ties Corey's record. Billy won't take him out, so Spencer kneels on Corey's number to share the record with him. Billy gets a call about Jordan's injury and he and Spencer rush to the hospital. Simone blurts out that she's Jordan's wife, shocking Laura and Billy. Layla confronts J.P. about his affair with L'il Jewel. Jordan wakes up and Simone lets him know his parents know about their marriage. Coop apologizes to Mo for profiling her. Jordan lied about passing the concussion protocols. Olivia wants Nurse Joy to be her sponsor. All eight coaches want to visit Spencer. The doctor told Jordan he can't play football again this year. 

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