Absentia Season 2 Episode 6

The FBI comes up with a cover story in which Tyler Mills tried to escape and Nick killed him. In their story, Rex Wolfe does not exist. Nick doesn’t like having to lie. 

Alice sees her doctor and finds out she has a condition that puts her at extreme risk for recurrent miscarriages. She might not ever be able to carry a child to term. 

Nick comes home for lunch but blows up at Flynn when he thinks his Dad is cool for killing a terrorist. Alice tells him he should talk to a professional but he rebuffs the idea. The two fight. 

Alice sees their therapist and says she can’t take it anymore. She thought sharing their own child could save her and Nick but that’s no longer a possibility. The doctor tells her she needs to stay the course right now for Flynn’s sake and encourages Alice to find a hobby or passion all her own. Later, she smokes a cigarette on the outdoor stairs at work and watches Jack at the ambulance bay below. 

Erica Lyle tells Crown that they don’t believe the story of how Tyler Mills died and she’s going to run the story. Crown offers her an even bigger exclusive if she drops the story. Later, he tells Nick he’s going to do an on-camera interview with Erica Lyle. 

Nick shares his frustration with Julianne but she assures him that the lie is keeping America safe and he is serving his country honorably. 

In Moldova, Emily and Cal are under cover. Emily is Sasha, a steel company magnet look to expand operations into eastern Europe. Cal is Mitchell Taylor, her head of security.  They will have no jurisdiction and no back up. 

At a party, Emily sees one of the men hit a dancer but she can’t do anything about it while undercover. She sees the woman again in the bathroom and tells her not to let them write her history while giving her a small, sharp weapon. 

Emily and Cal learn that one of the big private security firms hiring mercenaries is Night Watch. One of Night Watch’s guys takes a liking to Emily. Emily flirts back but then he tries to rape her at knifepoint in the restroom. Emily beats him unconscious and then uses his knife to cut out the microchip that Night Watch puts in all of their operative’s arms. 

Cal and Emily use the chip to find Night Watch’s headquarters. From there they find out that Rex Wolfe is 30 miles from their location, but before they can leave, the man whom Emily beat up arrives with armed backup. 

Emily and Cal are locked in a cellar. Knowing they are about to be killed, they find a trap door leading to a water pipe. They jump in. The current is strong and Cal helps Emily through her panic attack. They hang onto one another and end up in some sort of drainage pond. 

Freezing and not knowing quite where they are, Cal and Emily approach a running delivery truck and consider stealing it when they are both hit from behind. 


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