Malia Tate/Hale Quotes - TV Fanatic


I meant a shot to kill her.

I like the vision. Especially if I'm part of it.

Peter: Are you worried about Stiles?
Malia: I'm worried about everyone.

Stiles: I need to be back there with Liam and Derek. I have some experience with out of control teen wolves. Are you going to be OK riding with Peter?
Malia: He is my father.

Malia: I told you not to come here.
Peter: If you want to have a clandestine meeting you have to choose a clandestine location.

Stilinski: Malia? What's your favorite food?
Malia: Deer!

If I'm going to watch an entire lacrosse game, you better not suck.

You know what happens when you only hear one side of the story? You only heard one side of the story.


Peter: Wanna talk about it? See a family counselor?
Malia: There's nothing in there.
Peter: It cost me a lot to get to that file.
Malia: You got ripped off.

Malia: How much am I worth?
Scott: $4 million.
Stiles: Are you OK?
Malia: Yeah. Scott's worth 25, Kira's 6; they'll take you guys out way before me.
Stiles: It's progress, it's progress.