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Count Antony "Tony" DiMera (born 1951) is a character on NBC's Days of Our Lives. He has been portrayed by Thaao Penghlis from 1981-1986, 1993-1996, 2002-2005 and since May 24th, 2007.


* Liz Chandler (Divorced)
* Anna Fredericks (Divorced)
* Anna Fredericks (Invalid)
* Anna Fredericks (Divorced)
* Kristen Blake (Annulled)


* Kidnapping, raping Liz Chandler
* Faked being blind to hold onto Kristen
* Tried to kill Father Francis twice
* Kept Caroline, Victor, Marlena, Roman, Jack and Cassie hostage
* Masterminded the Stan/Sami plot
* Attempted to take Sami's child's stem cells for Stefano
* Attempted to have Sami killed three times
* Had his sister Lexi imprisoned in a tunnel for months
* Planted a bomb inside the tunnel which injured Bo, Hope, and John
* Accused of faking his death to get John the death penalty
* Accused of being the Salem Stalker
* Arranged to have the Salem Stalker 'victims' transported to Melaswen
* Masterminded the entire Salem Stalker plan

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