Ragdoll Sneak Peek: The Killer's Weapon of Choice

We've got an exclusive sneak peek at Ragdoll Season 1 Episode 3, premiering Thursday, November 25 on AMC+.

Rose's erratic behavior raises questions for Edmunds, but Baxter won't listen.

In the clip, Edmunds and Rose work alone, trying to track the killer's movements.

Edmunds Reveals Herself

That gives Edmunds time to quiz Rose, but she winds up being a lot more forthcoming than getting information from Rose.

We learn all kinds of things about Rose, including her high school habits and how she hid away from social situations.

Her interest in astrology is also revealed as she pegs Rose for a Cancer.

Without missing a beat, he says, "Oh, cheers," as he believed she was assessing him as a cancer, not as a Cancer.

Rose Searches for Clues

There are so many brilliant little comedic moments with Ragdoll, which makes it unbelievably watchable despite the dark content.

Meanwhile, Baxter is trying to protect the third victim, but with the killer one step ahead, her plans go awry with devastating consequences.

All the team can do is watch the Ragdoll killer's horrific plans play out.

Edmunds Listens

That's unfortunate for many as the body count piles up, bringing Rose ever closer to the top of the list.

Time isn't on their side, but they might just catch a break that they need to gain a little control of the situation by the end of the hour.

Check out Edmund's ineffective probing of Rose now.

Ragdoll stars Henry Lloyd-Hughes (The Irregulars, Killing Eve) as Rose, Thalissa Teixeira (Too Close, The Musketeers) as Baxter, and Lucy Hale (The Hating Game, Pretty Little Liars) as Edmunds, the three detectives taking point to stop a serial killer.

From the award-winning producers of Killing Eve, this six-part series, based on the novel by Daniel Cole, is airing exclusively on AMC+, with new episodes weekly on Thursdays.

Have you checked out the value AMC+ offers and checked out Ragdoll? Let us know in the comments!

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