NCIS Season Premiere Reveals What Happened to Gibbs

NCIS is back ... on a new night.

Yes, Monday nights are already busy as hell, and throwing NCIS on a new night after 18 seasons on Tuesdays was a choice.

If you watch NCIS online, you know the series wrapped its previous season with Gibbs seemingly swimming to safety after his boat was blown up.

Gibbs in Peril - NCIS

There's a serial killer on the loose, but at least NCIS Season 19 Episode 1 finally delved deeper into what really happened to Mark Harmon's scene-stealing character.

When we picked up on "Blood in the Water," Gibbs made it to the shore, but there was a genuinely chilling scene when he realized his torso had been impaled by wood during the blast.

In one of the most shocking scenes of the series, he fell back into the lake and floated along. Yep, he was also bleeding out.

The Desperate Search for Gibbs - NCIS Season 19 Episode 1

This show, you guys.

The good news is that Gibbs was found by a couple named Thelma and her husband, Virgil.

They patched him up, and while he wasn't in the best shape, he was better than earlier in the episode.

The couple worried that Gibbs was a part of a gang from the local area, especially after he told them "No cops."

Saving One of Their Own - NCIS Season 19 Episode 1

As a result, Gibbs managed to prove to the husband and wife that there was something amiss when a supposed sheriff's deputy who asked about the explosion was lying about who he was.

When it seemed like the team was close to finding Gibbs, well, the episode threw fans for a loop when he told everyone to keep Marcie safe.

In one of the wildest scenes of the night, Gibbs reunited with his team at an abandoned ranger station. There were shootouts and everything you'd expect from a vintage episode of this beloved series.

The episode concluded with McGee and Gibbs talking about those pesky rules.

A Big Return - NCIS Season 19 Episode 1

McGee said the following:

“Rule 91 sucks because it is in direct violation of Rule No. 1 — ‘Never screw over your partner.'”

“I’m not your partner,” Gibbs shot back, noting that the team no longer needs him.

His friend responded with, "We're better together."

Katrina Law on the Premiere - NCIS Season 19 Episode 1

"We’ve got a serial killer to catch,” McGee added, “but in order to do that, we need to be a team. We need to be your team.”

“I’m proud of you,” Gibbs said.

“Does that mean you’re in?” McGee wondered.

“Whaddya got?” his former boss responded.

Finishing Touches - NCIS Season 18 Episode 16

Gibbs is back, but for how long?

If the premiere is to be believed, Harmon will be around for a while yet.

What are your thoughts on the premiere?

Hit the comments below.

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