Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Rage

A slow start to a big reveal, rage shines in the back half.

Mei-Li and Jin went on a romantic date, which coincidentally almost outed Nicky's dangerous heist.

Nicky made significant headway with the dagger in Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 6, but a major roadblock prevented her from succeeding.

A Surprise Date - Kung Fu

Jin and Mei-Li's date night was delightful.

Their relationship has experienced some hiccups lately, with Mei-Li and Jin not agreeing on many things.

After Nicky's return Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 1, Jin and Mei-Li have been on opposites of the spectrum.

Their relationship hit a rocky patch with Nicky's return and hasn't recovered. Luckily, their relationship got a chance to heal a bit on their date.

They both looked stunning in their formal clothes, and they genuinely seemed like they had a wonderful time, and their happiness was palpable.

Romatic Date - Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 6

Althea and Dennis also made some exciting developments in their relationship.

Althea learned more about her fiance's family's philanthropy, realizing that they give a lot more money to charity than meets the eye, and the new knowledge colored how she sees her own issues.

When her old boss's lawyer approached her, she discovered that they want her to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

She doesn't seem to know what she wants to do with the story yet and refused to sign. The pain is killing her, though, and she needs some kind of release, or it will eat her alive.

While doing what's in her own interests would be great, she went a different path by doing what's best for the Soongs.

Dennis in a Suit - Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 6

When she put two and two together, she realized that she could take the philanthropic route by ensuring the money went to the Chinese center after signing the NDA.

That saved the Soong's name from being damaged along with her boss', but signing the NDA will cost her mentally. How that will affect her will likely become an important part of the storyline.

The secondary factor that influenced her reasoning was the money.

It was a brilliant way for her to help Ryan, who is on the verge of losing his job as the community center verges on closure.

Althea and Ryan - Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 6

Although he was disappointed, Ryan's reaction to the closure was entirely unexpected.

He didn't seem too concerned that he may lose his job. He was much more concerned about the patients and the care provided by his medical unit.

Underfunded communities often get overlooked in large cities, and Kung Fu's respectful representation of such a situation sheds like on the subject that many don't fully understand.

Many places/centers like the community center serve their area and provide medical help, but funding is always an issue. The biggest problem is that most of those served have nowhere else to go.

Nicky And Henry At the Gala - Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 6

Hopefully, this arc will stay in the spotlight and get more attention. If the NDA goes through, Althea's donation will help, but that money is finite unless invested properly. They'll need more to keep the clinic running.

Nicky often finds people to help, so she'll likely get involved, too. Helping her brother and her community is a natural progression and makes a lot of sense for the storyline.

Speaking of Nicky, Ms. Shen went through quite a bit.

Henry's contact cut them out of the dagger deal. He planned on stealing it and selling it himself, and Nicky's anger erupted at the news.

Nicky has been holding back her emotions since her Shifu's murder. Some of those feelings were revealed through intense anger.

Nicky gala - Kung Fu

Rage was Nicky's primary influence. She let it control her, and it hurt her chances with the dagger.

Her secondary motivation was revenge, and she wasn't interested in justice.

She always claims that she's fighting Zhilan to get justice -- for her Shifu, for the women at the monastery, and herself.

But as Nicky realized, there's a thin line between vengeance and justice.

Henry: What's that smile about?
Nicky: We're getting that dagger
Henry: Okay. How?
Nicky: We're gonna break into the Museum. You got a tux?

Luckily, Henry, Ryan, and Althea help her keep a cool head while aiding her with her insane idea of a museum heist.

Nicky Gala Close-up - Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 6

That's right -- Nicky wanted to steal the dagger from a museum -- on her own.

Thankfully, Henry enlisted the help of her siblings, or else things could have gotten dire for the young warrior.

Nicky: I know it's crazy, I know it's risky. I know my plan needs work, but I need to get this dagger, and you can't stop me.
Ryan: We know that Nicky.
Althea: That's why we're going to help.
Nicky: What?
Althea: I've got some skills, Ryan's got some ideas, it's still crazy, but together we think we can make this work.
Nicky: No I, I can't put you guys in danger.
Althea: Oh, we won't be, promise. You'll still be the one carrying all the risk.
Ryan: We'll just be there assisting from the sidelines keeping you from, you know, getting arrested.
Henry: I wasn't bailing on you. I just knew we needed help. Help doing this the right way.
Nicky: Well I guess I can admit it now, I had no idea how to pull this off alone. Okay! Should we get started? Make this an actual workable heist?

Things seemed to go well, and then Nicky saw the worst thing she could see -- Zhilan.

Finding Zhilan at the museum, conversing with her father led to an intense scene in which Nicky and Zhilan's verbal confrontation ended with Zhilan taking the dagger from Nicky's pocket.

Henry talking with Nicky - Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 6

During this sudden turn of events, fascinating camera work used close-ups in most shots, leading to an uncomfortable feeling for the viewer. If that was the intent, it was achieved.

Nicky, too, was very uncomfortable when she spotted Jin and Zhilan speaking to one another. The cinematography, through the use of closeups of Zhilan and Nicky, brilliantly portrayed Nicky's discomfort.

Of course, once she composed herself, Nicky chased after Zhilan for an exhilarating confrontation.

Henry: Nicky?
Nicky: It's gone. The dagger, she took it. She's gonna get away with it, all of it.
Henry: Hey, Nicky be smart about this.
Nicky: No!
Henry: Let it go!
Nicky: I won't. I can't.
Henry: She will kill you! Ever since we found out about the dagger you've been driven by something, and I don't think it's justice.
Nicky: Get my family out of here.

A rematch of sorts ensued, again with Nicky being at a disadvantage since Zhilan had the dagger.

Zhilan gala dress - Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 6

Their match was intense and shrouded in the darkness of night, revealing something interesting with their costumes.

Zhilan was dressed in white, contrasting Nicky's dark ensemble. It might mean nothing, but traditionally, black and white signify evil and light.

Was that clothing choice suggesting that we should view Zhilan in a different light? We don't know her motives behind anything other than what she revealed to Nicky during their fight. Could she be hunting down the weapons for non-nefarious reasons?

Zhilan told Nicky that Pei-Ling stole the sword from their family and that Pei-Ling killed their father. According to Zhilan, Pei-Ling ran to the monastery to avoid punishment.

Zhilan Preparing to Fight Nicky - Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 6

Nicky didn't believe her and eventually lost another battle with her nemesis. Zhilan got away with the dagger, but not before learning something interesting about Nicky.

Zhilan hesitated after seeing the symbols on Nicky's hand, and she took an extra few seconds before knocking out Nicky. Those mysterious symbols might have saved Nicky's life.

We have yet to learn what that symbology means, as mention of it gets forced into the background. But now that they influenced Zhilhas,  Nicky and Henry will have to research what they represent.

Nobody knows that Nicky got knocked out in the alley. Evan started to suspect something was going on, but Nicky kept him in the dark. Henry doesn't know where Nicky went, and if he listened to Nicky, he's taking the rest of the Shens home.

The first 20 to 25 minutes of this episode were a little bit dull, but the slow start led to a more dramatic ending. Still, things moved slower than expected.

Henry At Gala - Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 6

So, Kung Fu Fanatics!

What did you think of the museum heist?

Did you expect to see Zhilan and Nicky fight again so soon?

Join the conversation below, and remember, you can watch Kung Fu online right here if you need to catch up!

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