Lucifer Season 5 Episode 6 Review: BlueBallz

Lucifer and Chloe are officially moving forward with their relationship.

So, now what?

In Lucifer Season 5 Episode 6, they are thrown their first relationship obstacle: jealousy.

Jealousy Rising in Lucifer Season 5 Episode 6

When they first get to the scene of DJ BlueBallz's death, Ella immediately figures out the two finally got together and must have been together when they got the call about the body.

Chloe: So, what do we have?
Ella: BlueBallz.
Lucifer: You too?

While there, Jed ("DJ Karnal") arrives and Lucifer finds out he is Chloe's ex. He immediately has to reign in his jealousy (although he is not very successful at the task).

He's even standing up for Dan.

Karnal: So, are you still married to that guy Dave?
Lucifer: Dan! [scoffs]

Lucifer's Bracelet Bro doesn't like Jed, either. Since he was Chloe's first love, Dan has always felt like he was in Jed's shadow. He wisely tells Lucifer to keep an eye on him since Jed already tried getting back with her after their divorce.

Lucifer takes this information to heart.

Lucifer takes Jed Season 5 Episode 6

Once they find out the killer was actually after Jed, Lucifer takes Jed into his protection and brings him back to his penthouse.

He has an ulterior motive, though, as he is sure Jed has orchestrated all of this simply to get close to Chloe again. 

Chloe: Electrocuting a colleague? Blowing up his own studio? No one would go that far just to be near me.
Lucifer: Well, I did go to Hell and back for you -- twice -- but who’s counting?

It's always funny how Lucifer has been helpful to Chloe over the years and can sometimes do good police work. But sometimes (most times) he puts himself in the center and instead derails the investigation for his own interests.

Now, to keep this interloper from Chloe, he wants to pin a murder on him.

Lucifer Suspicious of Jed Season 5 Episode 6

Of course, he had to take advantage of the situation and use his powers to find out what Jed desires. Sure enough, Jed wished he hadn't screwed things up with Chloe. But he's no killer.

Lucifer somehow thinks it a good idea to ask Jed what he did so he knows not to make the same mistakes with Chloe. Jed played on this insecurity of Lucifer's, and told him exactly what would make him mess up.

Lucifer: She dumped you?
Jed: Yeah. Everything was fine, and then all of a sudden, she just called it off.
Lucifer: So, she just changed how she felt about you without any warning?

Jed made Lucifer think the detective in her was only interested in getting to know him and solving a mystery. Once she knew everything, she was no longer interested. Lucifer foolishly thinks this to mean he should be unavailable to Chloe the rest of the day.

While Lucifer is working on being unavailable, Maze is working on the opposite.

Maze as Ella - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 6

Fearful of ending up like her mother, dying alone in a crappy apartment, Maze follows Linda's advice and tries to be more emotionally available. 

Who better to learn from than Ella?

Ella has always been such a ray of sunshine and Maze sees that in her. To be more like Ella, she steals her clothes and even decides to actually call her by her name (no more Ellen!).

Not many normal humans, who don't get joy from torture, could keep up with Ella's constant positivity. So naturally, Maze can't keep it up either. But the two help each other out in a way.

Ella and Maze - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 6

Ella has been talking all season about how she only likes bad boys. This is an interesting part of her character, because Ella has always seemed so pure. But when you think of her history as a card-counting gambler and car thief, it doesn't really seem that far off.

After a little nudge from Maze, though, Ella decides she'll give a good guy a chance. Fingers crossed things work out with sweet Pete!

Things are not, however, working out with baby Charlie.

Charlie has turned into an extremely fussy baby. Both Linda and Amenadiel seem to be at a loss. Although, Amenadiel by a bit more.

Dan and Amenadiel Dads - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 6

Amenadiel turns to season five's resident advice and positivity guru, Dan.

Amenadiel: Linda always knows what to do, and I’m always in the way.
Dan: I’m sure Linda feels just as clueless as you do. What’s important is that you care, and you’re trying your best.

Amenadiel and Dan have always had this phenomenal friendship. No offense to the Bracelet Bros, but they are the superior bromance.

Last season, Dan was perpetually grumpy, blaming the world for Charlotte's death. This season he's done a complete 180 and is instead always smiling and helping others. Detective Douche is long gone.

Truthfully, he and Ella would be the perfect pair. But that would probably be too much positivity in one relationship.

Undercover Ladies Night Out - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 6

Amenadiel took Dan's advice too far and had the nerve to tell Linda she's clueless and doesn't know anything and that's okay. She didn't take this the way he intended and went to have a Mommy's Night Out with the girls as they staged a sting at a rave.

That left the men home alone for Daddy Daycare.

First, it was only Dan and Amenadiel, both still not able to get Charlie to stop crying. Then, in an attempt to be mysterious to Chloe, Lucifer shows up with Jed. What's more unpredictable than Lucifer spending time with a baby?

When Jed sneaks away to the rave to see Chloe, Lucifer realizes he had been manipulating him this whole time. Once again, it was Dan to knock some sense into him.

Lucifer: Well, you see, Daniel, the detective is a detective. So, I’m being a mystery.
Dan: Well that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

Devil Rock a Bye Baby - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 6

Realizing he was manipulated sends Lucifer into a rage that brought out his devil face. And lo and behold, the devil face is what gets Charlie to calm down. He loves it.

Not everyone does, though.

On his way to his car, Dan gets a call from "Lucifer" to come back to the house. When he walks back up, he sees Lucifer in his devil face.

We knew the evil twin wouldn't leave quietly. Sure enough, it was Michael who called Dan impersonating Lucifer. He won't be done until he toys with everyone in Lucifer's life.

Scared Dan - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 6

Luckily, Chloe still seems to be a relationship that isn't too damaged.

When she comes to his penthouse that night, they both apologize for their actions over the day. Next thing you know, it's hot and heavy and Lucifer and Chloe finally go to bed.

Over to you, Fanatics!

What do you think Michael will do next in his vendetta against Lucifer?

Lucifer Looks in Awe Season 5 Episode 6

How will Dan react to finding out the truth about Lucifer?

Do you think Chloe and Lucifer will tell him everything?

Sound off in the comments and share your thoughts!

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