Dynasty Season 3 Episode 13 Review: You See Most Things in Terms of Black & White

Do you know what was more dramatic than Liam's espionage noir pitch on Dynasty Season 3 Episode 13? That cliffhanger. 

While the latter half of the episode was an emotional rollercoaster, the first half fell a bit flat.

The black-and-white theme wasn't incorporated in the best way, but it did challenge the cast to break out of their cliched characters, which was exciting for everyone. 

Performing Act - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 13

Liam got his time in the spotlight as his character, Leland, was the protagonist of the story and led the mystery of the missing peach diamond. 

Fallon's character, Veronica Cabot, stayed mostly the same, though, it did allow Liz Gillies to show off her impeccable vocals. We'll never complain about that. 

Anders and Blake switched places as Sanders and Blaine, and it was a joy to see Grant Show take on the role of the "help." The role of Blake comes so naturally to him, but here, he was forced to flex his acting bone.

Alexis: Well, maybe there's something I can do.
Adam: Nah, I said "recourse" not "intercourse."

And honestly, Adam in a dress, well, there are very few scenarios where that could've made sense. Sadly, this wasn't one of those moments, but we'll let it slide.

The noir angle was enjoyable only to the true fans of Dynasty and those who figured out that this was all part of Liam's very elaborate plan to propose. In a way, it was a dramatized version of their love story sans the ending. 

Somehow, I read Liam's mind and figured it out early on because Liam and Fallon would be the couple that tries to out-propose each other. 

Liam's Espionage  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 13

Also, Fallon initiated the first go-around, so it's only fair that the fandom gets a proper romantic moment between the lovebirds. The Falliam fandom has been waiting for this, and you have to give the people what they want if you stand any chance at boosting those ratings. 

I wouldn't have been opposed to Fallon popping the question either as it would have been very modern, and Fallon is the modern woman. 

While I had an inkling the proposal was going to happen, it didn't take away from how incredibly cute the moment was.

What did throw me off was how quickly they were back in Atlanta following the engagement.

Kirby: That's a terrible idea.
Sammy: Oh, said the genius who slept with Adam Carrington?

Sure, they have a private jet and all, but the flight to London is at least eight hours, so why wouldn't they want to stay there a bit?

It's also concerning that Fallon went to Europe and didn't stop to visit her brother, Steven. The actor may be off the show, but it could have been an off-screen meeting that was mentioned when they returned home. 

Why does no one care about him anymore?

Miss Veronica Cabot - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 13

It's almost as if Adam has simply been accepted as the new replacement and all of his prior indiscretions are forgiven and forgotten. 

Also, Liam's story may have been a fake pitch, but it brilliantly incorporated all the shenanigans that have occurred at the Manor including Cristal's comment about no one ever recognizing her face (a subtle reminder this is a third actress in the role), Leland suggestion Lexi warm up by the fire, Sammy almost hitting Leland over the head with a flowerpot, and an amnesia reference.

Liam and Fallon are rarely allowed true happiness; something always comes up between them, and this situation was no different. 

Liam, you and I have overcome so many insane obstacles. And by insane, I mean your mother.


I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, and it did when Heidi, Liam's ex from Switzerland, returned and brought along their son, Connor.

This storyline was teased a while back, and this is the perfect time to bring it in and cause friction between a couple that may finally be getting their moment of happiness. 

If you know anything about Dynasty, you know that Heidi likely doesn't have good intentions. 

It also begs the question: why now? 

On One Knee

Liam's son seems to be around five years old, so what transpired that she figured this is a good time to blow up someone's life?

She could've called first, at least. 

My guess is that she's in some financial trouble, found Liam online and realized he's done pretty well for himself and will now crash with him and Fallon.

Dynasty seemingly foreshadowed his son's arrival when Liam and Fallon got into a fight over having kids when she wanted to buy her dream home. 

Liam wasn't pleased with how she didn't talk to him about her desire to have children one day, and it's because this is a sore subject for him. 

The Proposal - Dynasty

Liam said he didn't want to have kids, but well, he already has one, and he's going to need to get his priorities in order now.

Fallon might be easier to get on-board than Liam because she has expressed interest in having children with him.

We don't know how Liam and Heidi ended things or what their arrangement was, so it's entirely acceptable if he chooses not to be involved.

However, when I chatted with Adam Huber (who plays Liam) back in October 2019, he said he was excited to explore Liam's past, specifically the kid that he was forced to give up.

He had some theories about what may have led to the situation, so it'll be interesting to see if they come to fruition or if Liam feels the same way about being a dad as Adam did. 

What do you think about the kid storyline? What's Heidi's goal?

Fletcher broke up with Sammy after Kirby suggested it, and it's for the best. If you love someone, set them free. 

Caught in a Lie - Dynasty

Sammy's not the kind of guy that can function well in an open relationship, and he was falling madly in love with Fletcher. 

It's hard to tell if Fletcher was even telling the truth about the open marriage arrangement. 

When Sammy came by the house and learned of Fletcher's relationship, Fletcher seemed frazzled, and it seemed like it had more to do with his husband than Sammy. 

It's unlikely that he's just going to disappear off into the ether, but I wish he would because Sammy deserves way better than someone who is buying his love with watches rather than commitment. 

I wouldn't lose any sleep if they got rid of Dominique's character either. 

She's unfathomable with her pathetic schemes and attempts at staying relevant. 

I've Got a Plan  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 13

Seriously, she wants a Kardashian-type reality show with her daughter who doesn't talk to her and isn't even up-and-coming. Vanessa is playing the Colby club in New York; it isn't exactly groundbreaking. 

Now, Dominique thought she caught Cristal cheating when in reality, she's about to foil Cristal's murder-for-hire plans, which may be for the best. 

Cristal has a lot of hatred and resentment towards Alexis for killing her ex-lover and her baby, but getting rid of Alexis won't bring either of them back or ease the pain. 

It'll only make her feel worse about all of it. 

And then, there's Kirby and Adam. It's a weird relationship that somehow, and oddly, works. 

Husband and Wife - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 13

They're two misfits and outcasts who have sort of fallen into each other.

Adam wasn't completely on-board with the relationship, and while Kirby is a little too thirsty and desperate, they've both begun to see the value of being with each other. 

Together, they can form a little anti-Carrington team and infiltrate the mansion. Nadia may have played him, but Kirby could be a potential real asset. 

Again, it's odd, but I'll take it over Dominique's storyline any day.

Okay, TV Fanatics, share your thoughts about the episode! 

Be sure to watch Dynasty online and catch up on episodes! 

Lizzy Buczak was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in June 2021..

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