Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 12 Review: Gumboot Becky

Is it safe to say Malika is in the clear?

Callie put in the work to get Wilson to drop the charges, and the best part about it is she did it by being her usual self and not going into helping Wilson with an ulterior motive.

On Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 12, Callie was simply being Callie, and it was a reminder of how great she is.

Point of No Return  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 1

The hour split its time between Callie, Malika, Davia, and Mariana. With so many different characters, the show has more room to delve deeper into them when they break things down and focus on a few at a time.

But it was another one of those hours where the non-linear timeline was more puzzling than usual. Now that the installment is over, it's still unclear when certain aspects of the hour took place and how they correlated to other things happening.

I failed my son. It's my fault. I made him hate me.


Callie deserved a medal for the juggling act she was pulling off.

She's torn between Marcus and Teresa at work with both of them vying for her undivided attention and devotion, but she also was playing Robin to Judge Wilson's Batman as he tried to find out who sold his son the drugs that killed him.

Callie and Wilson

Despite getting pressured by both of her bosses to focus, tossed loads of work and files, and trying to keep Wilson on the straight and narrow, Callie excelled at pleasing everyone without getting spread too thin herself.

It was an exceptional feat.

But her reward was not a night of relaxation with her seemingly perfect boyfriend but another complication. Jamie's face when she mentioned the developer they were planning to sue said it all.

Callie: What is that? 
Wilson: Security footage from Tate's building. I just got it. If he's on it he's going to be very sorry he stepped foot in my house. 

It's the downside to dating someone who practices in an area of law that often can be the opposite of what she and the others at legal aid are practicing.

Callie's Choice  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 8

The class-action lawsuit she and Marcus have been working so hard on was on the cusp of falling through when the tenants conceded to the money dangled at them over a long, drawn-out court battle.

You cannot blame these people who are trying to make ends meet, but Callie breezed in a few minutes late and gave a persuasive and truthful speech that salvaged the suit.

The company that owns the development you're suing? I represent them.


She laid out all the cold truth about gentrification and what it truly means even when there is a promise of jobs for those in the community.

Marcus has been hard on Callie since the day she stepped foot in the office, and he is virtually incapable of complimenting her if his life depended on it. But Callie kicked butt during that moment.

Wilson's Prized Pupil - Tall - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 11

Now that the deal is back on the table, they want to go after the developers. Unfortunately, just when it seemed things were going to go smoothly, Jamie revealed he is representing the International company that is behind the development company.

It's crazy that Jamie was the one who was offering to help Callie, and now it's in his best interest not to, and a host of other issues will arise if they go through with this suit while they're living under the same roof.

What if this "temporarily" puts Callie back at the Coterie?

Welcome to the Coterie - Tall - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 1

It was a blow after Callie got a few wins. That special bond that had formed between Callie and Wilson during Good Trouble Season 1 was back in full-force. It was one of the more unique dynamics of the series, and their verbal sparring added some balance to the show.

Wilson was guilt-ridden and grieving after his son's death, and he was on a mission to get to the bottom of who sold his son the pills.

I failed my son. It's my fault. I made him hate me.

At first, it seemed like he was trying to shift the blame on someone else to make himself feel less guilty and ashamed about how he left things with Tate.

Callie's Mentor - Edited - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 3

Wilson had skewed motivations influenced by his pain, but he was correct in wanting to find the person responsible for selling drugs laced with fentanyl.

Wilson was angry and relentless. It's commendable that Callie was by his side through it all without him asking.

Wilson has a wife, daughter, and even Ben, who he sees frequently, but Callie was the one who was by his side. She was able to support him in a way they couldn't.

Wilson: I'm sorry about what I did today.
Callie: What you did out of grief, and anger and wanting someone to be held accountable for your loss is understandable. That's what Malika was doing when she came into your chambers. It's what Jamal's mother wants for her son, and it's why Black Lives Matter is protesting your appointment.
Wilson: And I suppose you concur?
Callie: The conservative courts in this country have become completely partisan. They unapologetically protect the agenda of the powerful, and the privileged, and the religious right. They want to overturn Roe v. Wade and the wishes of the majority of people who support a woman's right to choose, so if you're not going to respect settled law and equal protection for all, then yes. I concur. I'm sorry. Now is not the time.
Wilson: I appreciate your candor.
Callie: Last thing I'll say. I swear on my life that Malika didn't know they were protesting you, and she didn't leave because the people who are fighting for black lives, for her life, were counting on her, and I think that's something you can respect.
Wilson: Your tenacity will take you far, Callie Adams Foster.
Callie: I am truly sorry for your loss, your honor.

Callie successfully tracked down Graham, and while he was an inconsiderate louse with no regard for Callie and her schedule, he wasn't the person who gave Tate the drugs.

Sharing Life Philosophies - Tall - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 8

But once Wilson found the person he assumed sold the drugs, it got a bit violent. Tate bought them online, and his friend warned him about using them but left anyway.

Wilson didn't react well, and his near scuffle with Tate's friend also resulted in Wilson shoving Callie.

It was what snapped him out of his fit of rage as he apologized profusely and broke down, expressing his guilt and fear that he was a bad father.

You felt for the guy, and Bart and Mitchell sold the weight of the scene.

They were also great during the car scene when Callie didn't let the opportunity to educate Wilson and draw the necessary parallels pass by her.

Isaac: You really showed up for me tonight. I appreciate it.
Malika: Well, I wanted you to know that the movement is not my primary partner. You are. And I want you to know that I love you.

Wilson's pain and anger, and his need for some justice to come from his son's death are no different than what Jamal's mother and the BLM activists want.

Callie told it to him straight, and despite their different stances, it's what they respect about one another.

A Disruption  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 8

Callie drawing the parallel to the Jamal Thompson case was perfect.

But somewhere in that, she mentioned something about Conservatives and their irritating knack for sticking to partisanship over everything, and then it jumped to Roe V. Wade. Was I the only one trying to connect the dots during that part of the conversation?

It started to feel ill-placed and preachy, and it's something the show used to avoid but has struggled to maintain this season.

It's low on the list of Callie's best political/social monologues directed at Wilson.

First Day at Court - Tall - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 3

It also was one of a few moments that made the hour feel off.

Most of Davia's storyline this hour not related to Dennis was off. It's a prevalent issue.

Unless Gumboot Becky leads to something more, it didn't fit with the rest of the hour.

Malika: I mean, If you're treated as intellectually less than from day one why would you believe in yourself or bother trying?
Mariana: Even at MIT some of my professors definitely assumed that the white women in my class were smarter than me.
Malika: Always.
Davia: I don't underestimate my kids. I even took your advice and found a book they could relate to.

It didn't warrant a flashback to a time when Callie was at the Coterie to prompt Malika and Mariana to speak about how people assume and project things on people of color.

The few times Davia speaks about teaching she gives the impression it's a pitstop and not something she plans to stick with or enjoys.

Davia Has A Visitor - Tall  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 4

It wasn't the first time she was aloof and out of the loop when it came to a student, and Malika had to educate her.

Davia taught a classroom of kids with academic issues. Her experience with them was different than with the honor kids.

She attempted to follow the advice of her friends and colleague and chose a book she thought they could relate to, and an activity she hoped would keep them engaged.

Davia chose a book with a South African racial slur in the title about apartheid, and she chose to perform a miner dance that inspired stepping/drilling.

Going downhill was inevitable. She had a brief moment when it seemed she had them engaged, but it backfired in this "woke" viral era where recordings of her stepping in costume had her labeled Gumboot Becky.

What else is it to say? Davia meant well, and she got their attention, but it all went wrong.

Davia: You can't be drinking with Dennis.
Malika: Why?
Davia: Because he's just really fragile, and you just can't.
Malika: Dennis is a grown-ass man, and he can do what he wants.
Davia: Dennis was just released from the psychiatric hospital because his son died two years ago, and his divorce was just finalized.
Malika: I didn't know.
Davia: No one does. It's why he hasn't been hanging out much lately. He's depressed and spiraling, and adding alcohol to that isn't going to help.

I didn't know what to make of it or why we needed this storyline at all other than showing that she's still tone-deaf.

And then she was angry about what she thought happened between Malika and Dennis and couldn't hide it.

Davia's Racy Vision

Her mental images were smoking hot and racy. Hell, I accidentally 'shipped Dennis and Malika myself after those steamy seconds, but then the secondhand embarrassment kicked in.

Unfortunately, Davia going to Malika and telling her in so many words about Jacob and Dennis' depression came from a place of hurt and jealousy rather than concern.

How can you keep all of this pain inside? You need help. If you really want to honor Jacob's memory, honor your own life.


She opened with chastising Malika for day drinking with Dennis, slipped in all of that, and then ended alluding to them sleeping together so she could confirm if it happened or not.

It's too bad she couldn't be direct.Davia always manages to do things where when she's right, she's right, and when she's wrong, she's still right.

Morning Mayhem - Tall  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 2

What are we supposed to do with this? It's like she never gets to sit in what she does wrong long enough without a caveat thrown in that makes her right in the long-run.

Davia shouldn't have disclosed Dennis's information after promising she wouldn't. It came out for all the wrong reasons.

Davia: You want to talk about lying? Your whole life is a lie. You lie to everyone who cares about you by hiding in your pain, making everyone believe that you're just some sort of loser who dropped out of life for no reason.
Dennis: Just leave me alone.
Davia: No!
Dennis: Just leave me alone!
Davia: No!
Dennis: I want to be alone.
Davia: No, I want to be alone. Bullshit. If you wanted to be alone you wouldn't have moved into the Coterie. What if you try to hurt yourself? What if you succeed? I can't keep enabling you by keeping your secret, making excuses to everyone while you just isolate yourself in here.

It took seconds for Dennis to realize what happened since Malika couldn't hide that she knew the truth about him. She couldn't hide her concern and pity, which is what Dennis wanted to avoid.

But when Davia and Dennis argued it out in another raw scene that has become a staple, Davia acknowledged she was enabling him and told him he needed real help.

Crushing News - Tall - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 8

So, in the end, she wasn't wrong about him holding so much pain in and how unfair it is that she has to keep his secrets.

Now, we're supposed to move past a betrayal that as steeped in her being jealous and petty because of the larger picture where she told Dennis what he needed to hear months ago and successfully got him to attend group therapy.

Davia: You wanted to see me?
Dennis: You tell Malika about Jacob? You gave me your word you wouldn't tell anyone, but I don't know why I would believe you. You lie about everything. I should have never have trusted you.
Davia: What are you talking about? When have I ever lied to you?
Dennis: Jeff? I know you didn't break up with him when you told me you did.
Davia: Okay, so what? Why do you care so much about when I broke up with him?
Dennis: I don't. I don't care .

Everything Davia told him was what Dennis needed to hear. Without seeking real help, he has been stagnant.

Dennis going to a grief group was overdue; and he planned to sit through it this time, with Davia.

Dennis' Last Day? - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 12

Most fans are truly rooting for the two of them to become something more than friends. One could argue they already have.

But as far as romance, they both have some work to do before they can cross that bridge together.

Their relationship is rife with powerful feelings, secrets, and they're so codependent with each other.

With Malika aware of Dennis's fight with depression, the door is open for him to share it with the others so he can have support from more than Davia. It's best for both of them.

Dennis did choose the Coterie for a reason. He didn't want to be alone, and they are his family, whether he cares to admit it or not.

Malika met Isaac's family. Finally!

Malika surprising Isaac with family dinner was such an endearing scene. Isaac has been a pillar of strength and support for Malika.

It was time for her to return the favor. Isaac gives a lot of himself to Malika and to Dom too, and he needed Malika to match his energy and put as much passion, consideration and thought into their relationship as she the cause.

Like Quincy and Monica - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 6

It took her father of all people to put it into perspective. He knew better than anyone what it was like losing his family -- the very thing he fought for -- because of the time and energy he spent on the movement.

Malika even told Isaac that she loved him. Honestly, they are the best couple.

Isaac: You really showed up for me tonight. I appreciate it.
Malika: Well, I wanted you to know that the movement is not my primary partner. You are. And I want you to know that I love you.

Mariana and Raj are an adorable couple too, but Mariana can't micromanage and use her boyfriend so much.

Thankfully, she realized putting Raj in charge was not the best decision.

Raj Can't Win - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 12

It went against what the Byte Club was supposed to be about. Mariana.

Mariana and Raj are a sweet couple, but she walks all over him and uses him, and it's not cute. It wasn't fair of her to put him in the middle of her and the Byte Club.

Why are balls always the measure of a man's strength when we know it's the weakest part of their body? Also the ugliest. No offense.


She talked it out with the girls, and yeah, it's true they shouldn't have to compete with one another over positions. They should be working so all the women at Speckulate can get a seat at the table.

And if the company acts like there is only one seat, pull up a damn chair for your sisters.

Over It  - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 3

Mariana made amends with her sisters instead of alienating herself from them like she had been doing, but then she got the mysterious text to meet at the roof, and of course, everything got more complicated.

Evan wasn't giving Mariana the cold shoulder. Hallelujah!

He was putting on an act for Kendra's benefit. He doesn't like her, and he needs Kendra to fail at her job so he can gain more control of the company, fix the things Mariana and others have pointed out, and replace the board with the right people.

Evan: I need your app to fail
Mariana: My app?
Evan: Kendra has convinced the board that the activist app will solve our PR problems. If it fails, then Kendra fails.
Mariana: Can I think about it?
Evan: Of course. 

Mariana and Evan secretly working together is the thing of dreams. Something about the two of them together is addictive, but why can't Evan come up with another way to sabotage Kendra without Mariana tanking her app.

She worked so damn hard on it. It's her baby.

Evan Socializes - Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 6

Mariana accomplished more than she ever could have imagined in her first few months at Speckulate.

Evan doesn't realize what he's asking from her. How is it to save Speckulate and mold it into a better company for women and minorities, the only app created and worked on by a team of women and minorities for social justice and activism has to fail?

Raj, and the girls, won't respond well if Mariana actively tries to sabotage their app at the behest of their wealthy, white male boss even if he has the best intentions.

Haven't the women and ethnic minorities at Speckulate suffered enough? It's frustrating.

And how is it going to go over that Kendra both a woman and one of color is the new enemy to take down?

The Speckulate saga is more entertaining than Callie's work drama, but it and Mariana still takes a backseat to Callie.

What did you think of the hour, Good Trouble Fanatics?

Boss Lady  - Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 2

Was Davia in the wrong sharing Dennis' background with Malika? What did you think of Wilson and Callie's time together?

Should Mariana tank her app for Evan? Hit the comments below.

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