Younger Season 6 Episode 12 Review: Forever

Usually, proposals call for a celebration. Usually. 

On Younger Season 6 Episode 12, that couldn't be further from the truth. 

Charles' proposal couldn't have come at a worse time, and it drastically underlined how differently he and Liza viewed their relationship.

Here Comes the Bride  - Younger Season 6 Episode 12

His speech before the proposal was heartfelt and genuine; Charles has fallen madly in love with Liza and only has eyes for her. 

But Liza's eyes and heart have been wandering for several episodes now. She's not as fully committed to this relationship as Charles is, and that's a damn shame.

Viewers, including our very own Carissa, have been frustrated with the back and forth that's been happening all season long.

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There was hope that by the season finale, Liza would make up her mind and move on from this nonsense. 

Pick Charles, pick Josh, pick no one, but be an adult and make a decision, Liza.

Kelsey said it best: they're no longer looking back.   

Even Charles' proposal is pushing for her to make a decision and commit to it.

Wedding Bells - Younger Season 6 Episode 12

If Younger Season 6 was about Liza owning up to her lie and accepting her truth, then Younger Season 7 needs to be about Liza deciding to be the grown woman that she is. 

Unless Liza is into polygamy, there's no way she can have them both. 

There has to be a sacrifice for any of this to be worth it. 

Liza's indecisiveness becomes even more frustrating when you consider that everything has been leading up until this very moment. 

Liza and Charles had chemistry from day one, and despite her other relationships and obstacles, they kept being drawn to each other. 

I believe you, Kelsey. And I wish I didn't. But you deserve to get what you want, I just wish you wanted more. And if you do one day, if you want more than just business advice from me, it's going to have to be your move. Okay? You're going to have to reach out. Good luck with your pitches.


The set-up was perfect: their song was playing (though the magic wasn't there anymore), they were in the moment at a wedding, and there was talk of their future and blending their families. 

Yet, Liza keeps holding onto a memory of what once was for reasons unknown. 

On Younger Season 5, she was ready to leave Josh alone and embrace her relationship with Charles. 

How did we stray so far from that realization? Why did we lose sight of all the magic Liza and Charles had?

We Want You Back  - Younger Season 6 Episode 12

They all deserve better, but after that speech, oh, that speech, Charles deserves so much more. 

Charles is a gentleman who is thinking of the bigger picture, and Liza is acting worse than a teenager. 

A relationship where one person thinks is something serious and lifelong while another is just coasting on by hoping something better comes along will never work. 

Pretty soon, Liza's going to have to come clean about where she is mentally in this relationship and once that happens, there's a slim chance their relationship will recover. 

Charles: I've been thinking, the trip to Scotland, I don't know if that's the right thing. The kids...
Liza: No, you're right. I was thinking the same thing. You deserve time alone with the girls. It's fine.
Charles: What I mean is kids don't belong on a honeymoon.
Liza: What?

If I'm being honest, there shouldn't have even been a proposal. 

Charles and Liza hit pause on moving in together because Pauline learned the truth about Liza's age, but all of sudden they've got the green light to go on a family vacation and get married. 

How is that possible?

The lack of cohesion has been a problem throughout much of the season  but it was particularly noticeable during the finale. 

Charles said this was a long time coming, but it feels abrupt, forced, and rushed.

Maid of Honor  - Younger Season 6 Episode 12

They haven't been able to embrace their relationship much with all the drama going around. 

And even without Josh in the picture, Liza and Charles don't need to jump into something before it's ready. 

Both of them have been through a divorce -- I don't think Charles' is even finalized yet -- so taking it slow and enjoying what it is in the moment should be enough. 

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Sadly, all the storylines in the finale were crafted to create drama on an otherwise beautiful day. 

It's almost unbelievable that a woman like Liza wouldn't get peeved by Josh's complete disregard for her desire to have some space.

If Josh simply accompanied Lauren to the wedding and stayed out of Liza's way, it would be fine, but he blatantly admitted to attending only because it gave him a chance to talk to Liza.

Yes, after Liza explicitly asked him to leave her alone. 

That's My Bride - Younger Season 6 Episode 12

Does Liza once again want a man who doesn't respect her boundaries?

There was no need for Josh to be at the wedding, no need for him to strike up a convo with her at the bar, and no need for him to attempt to "fix" their last conversation.

It is what it is, Josh. Accept it and move the hell on. 

And while we're at it, let's just move on from this love triangle and let other parts of the storyline thrive because as it stands, it's all so contrived and suffocating.

Why do you even call it Millennial anymore? Cause it sounds better than menopausal?


If it keeps up, the show is going to lose all the empowered female viewers both "younger" and "less younger."

Kelsey's story arc has made her more and more unlikeable with each additional episode. 

No one ever believed that Kelsey would leave Millennial, but she's been irrational all season long, so her pulling the trigger on leaving Empirical wasn't surprising. 

As we saw, the company couldn't survive a day without her considering she's the only damn millennial in that place.

She had her job back as quickly as she gave it up.

Wedding Planner  - Younger Season 6 Episode 12

But the way Kelsey portrays a millennial is genuinely frustrating. 

Just to be clear, not all millennials act on emotions whenever their ego is bruised.

One of the only things keeping her an asset to Millennial (aside from being the only millennial) is her dedication to the company. 

Charles and Zane both acknowledged that the sacrifice she made to save the company was noble even if she didn't see it herself. 

Truthfully, those two are the most understanding men ever. 

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Charles went out of his way to get Kelsey her job back even after she left them and turned to arch-nemesis, Quinn, while Zane gave her yet another chance at a relationship. 

Zane gave off the initial impression of an asshole, but he's someone who managed to deal with all the crap Kelsey has thrown his way. 

Here's hoping that reaching for his hand at the wedding was her way of committing to the relationship and not just an "in the moment" reaction. 

Ice Sculptures  - Younger Season 6 Episode 12

And with all of that, the most frustrating moment of this very, very lackluster finale, had to be Diana's wedding. 

Where was the royal wedding that we were promised?

This should have been an hour-long episode honoring the diva and Enzo, not an episode that focused on a love triangle while giving Diana a few seconds here and there to celebrate her big day. 

Aside from a funny ice-sculpture moment (that could have been cut for time) and a sweet, yet brief, moment between Diana and Liza, Diana didn't get much time to shine. 

We didn't get to see much of her wedding -- there was no first dance, no toast, we didn't even get to see the exchanging of vows. 

And somehow, Miriam Shor still managed to shine given such a limited window.

The statement dress and neckless, the whole ensemble belongs in an art gallery! 

Make a Move  - Younger Season 6 Episode 12

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