Good Girls Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Take Off Your Pants

It was only a matter of time before Turner found a crack. 

And that crack came in the form of Ruby, who of all the ladies, has always been the one with one foot more or less out the door.

It's not surprising that Good Girls Season 2 Episode 6 ends with her talking to Turner, but it's hard to see here completely selling out her best friends.

But when push comes to shove, will Ruby choose Stan over Beth? 

Thinking Things Over - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 6

We know that Ruby has been friends with Beth and Annie for a very long time, and there is supreme loyalty between the ladies, but at this point, Ruby has her family to consider. 

She came very close to talking to the police during Good Girls Season 2 Episode 1, but when an alternative course of action presented itself, she didn't hesitate to take it.

But now she knows that Turner has at least some knowledge of Stan's involvement in everything. 

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Ruby is in an impossible situation, especially considering Turner mainly wants to bring Beth down.

But you have to ask yourself if Turner knew for sure (and has evidence to back it up) that Stan stole that pen cap, why isn't he in jail?

Surprised Ruby - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 6

The ladies have done some bad things throughout the series, but in no universe do you want to see them turn on each other and bring one another down. 

Hopefully, Ruby will ask more questions than she answers and can find a way to get herself out of Turner's office without giving too much away. 

Now Stan and his shaky leg may be a hindrance though. 

Stan: It's not a good look.
Ruby: You know what's not a good look? You at the dinner table doing the shaky leg.
Stan: What are you talking about?
Ruby: You got no poker face, babe. And I love you for it, but it's going to bring the both of us down. Hard.

While dealing with the Turner threat, Ruby also became wrapped up in another Rio scheme. 

Beth Cleans Up - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 6

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The ladies have expanded yet again and find themselves in the pill business.

Considering all the trouble they've found themselves in lately, you'd think there would be slight hesitation on Beth's part to enter into another shady business arrangement with Rio. But no, Beth enters in willingly. 

Maybe Annie is right about her. Beth Boland is in a fog. 

he thrill and the danger of the "life" blinds beth just as Rio bewitches her.

She's reached a point where the gun pointed at her chin barely even registers anymore. 

Beth & Rio - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 6

She knows she's gotten under Rio's skin enough to know what he will do and what he won't.

The jury is still out on what he feels for Beth emotionally, but from a pure business standpoint, Beth is hugely beneficial to him. 

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And while there's no doubt he doesn't like getting strongarmed into things, it makes sense for him to keep the arrangement at the dealership and continue to use it as a cover. 

Catching Rio with another woman was an intriguing twist in the Beth/Rio dynamic, as was Dean's realization that there's much more going on between Beth and Rio then even he realizes. 

Park Meeting - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 6

Rio doesn't seem like the kind of person who wants to have relationship conversations, but at some point, the two of them may need to discuss further what's going before the lines continue to blur. 

Beth: I trusted you.
Rio: That's your fault.

As Beth continues to push Dean further and further away, you have to wonder if he's reaching his breaking point with her.

How many times can you catch your wife with the man who almost killed you before you decide that you've had enough?

And it's not just himself he has to worry about, either.

Every time Rio steps foot near their home, he has to be worried about his children, and it feels like he is getting closer and closer to losing it.

Dean may well be on his way to making his stand against Rio. And the consequences could be deadly. 

Dean At Home - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 6

Odds and Ends

Okay, guys, we're headed towards the end of Good Girls Season 2, and things are heating up. With Ruby talking to Turner, there is bound to be some fallout with Beth and Annie.

Will their friendships survive this? 

Will Dean attempt to take Rio out himself? 

Can Beth and Rio continue dancing around their chemistry?

With only a few episodes left, it's imperative that we figure this all out together! Leave your comments down below and watch Good Girls online, so you don't miss any of the action!

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