Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 7 Review: A Lifetime of Achievement

On Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 7 political agendas are set aside for something everyone can agree on -- good old-fashioned dating.

Or maybe not so old-fashioned, if we're going by Murphy and Tate.

How sweet and real that Jim was feeling guilty about celebrating his wins without his beloved wife.

Jim at the Awards - Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 7

I'm sure that's something that has widows and widowers struggling in real life. Here's Jim who was married for a long time and was supported by his wife. He's accepting an award for a lifetime of achievements and most of those achievements his wife was at his side.

They traveled those roads together, so of course, he's going to feel weird about Phyllis as his date to support him now.

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And boy did his speech inspire.

We had Pat and his ex making out in the back of Miles' car (which was rude, by the way.)

I like getting into the tub without some 180 pounder with a hairy back climbing in with me. That is not romantic. That is a slippery floor and a clogged drain.


Who does that?

I usually like Pat. I thought his hair at the awards ceremony was phenomenal.

But making out in the back of your boss's car with your boss driving? I'm getting hives just thinking about it.

Jim Receives an Award - Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 7

Anyway, Jim inspired Corky and Katie's make up from their feud. And the most surprising turn-around was Murphy hooking up with Judge Tate. 

I hope John Larroquette sticks around, at least from time to time. He's got a dry sense of humor that would fit in well with the Murphy crew.

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Plus, giving Murphy a love interest will spice up the show and give her character another dimension we don't normally associate with Murphy Brown.

At least I don't.

What do you think? Of course I knew, you gay knucklehead!


As far as I was concerned, Murphy conceived by immaculate conception and was always all news all the time. No hanky panky.

Murphy Brown is a sexual being! Who knew? This new dimension can only be good for her character.

I didn't necessarily think this episode of Murphy Brown was laugh-out-loud funny, although it did have its funny moments.

Corky at the Awards - Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 7

Bette Midler's always good for a laugh in small doses, for instance.

There were some good one-liners. Corky's line where she put Katie in her place was funny, and Miles' awkwardness finding out Pat is gay was funny too.

Murphy making her way into the kitchen and waltzing out chowing down on mini meatballs made me laugh-out-loud.

I was glad to get a break from the strong political references because as I said in Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 1, continuous heavy politics will get old fast.

Aw, come on, we're all adults here. Who's hungry? I've got a half a yogurt and a purse full of mini meatballs.


It's good for the longevity of the show they branch out beyond politics and continue character storylines and arcs. If they don't, the characters we've grown to appreciate will no longer be appealing.

People change, and that's a good thing.

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If we change, we want to see our characters to change.

One thing I would love to see is a continued development between Phyllis and Jim. Number one, Tyne Daly is adorable when she's giddy and flirting. Number two, it will mean more Jim!

A Surprising Connection - Murphy Brown

Jim's presence can only improve the show.

Let's talk Avery for a second. When the show re-booted, I liked Avery moving in with Murphy and their mother/son banter.

I still like their banter, although Avery's bordering on taking a parental role with Murphy, and I'm not a fan.

Hey, I heard you have a, what do you call it? Podcast. So smart. At your age, best to have a platform where no one can see you.


It might be time for Avery to get his own place. Close by, but move out. Visit often! But move out.

It's a great thing having concern for your mother and caring about her well-being. It's terrific they're in the same profession and have a lot in common to talk about. It's quite another for Avery to parent his parent.

Don't do that. Murphy's a big girl, and she's traveled around the block and the world. I can see Avery easily over-stepping with Murphy and have her put him in his place.

Not that Murphy will have a problem doing that, of course.

What do you think Murphy Brown fanatics? Am I too hard on Avery? Were you happy to get a break from politics? How do you feel about Murphy dating Judge Tate?

Hit the comments and tell us what you think.

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