The Arrangement Season 2 Episode 3 Review: The Sessions

Terence and Megan got a little too close for comfort on The Arrangement Season 2 Episode, but Terence got into Megan's head probably as much as the alcohol did.

Does this mean she's going to give up the fight to bring IHM down?

Megan thought she was smart by telling Terence he was her biggest fear. I'm not sure what she expected to gain from telling him that, but she had a plan that pretty much fell short when he turned the tables and got into her head, instead.

Dance the Night Away - The Arrangement Season 2 Episode 3

There's no doubt that he is suspicious of her. He knows she's hiding something. As much as she tries to play it off, she doesn't do a very good job.

She's a horrible actress not only in her sessions with Terence but in front of the screen as well.

Sorry, Megan, you just don't impress me very much.

She doesn't impress Terence very much either, and I get the feeling he can see right through her.

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It was scary when he told her that she was just like him. She was caught off guard when he revealed issues in his childhood relating to his parents, specifically his dad.

And it was even scarier when he kept pushing about Megan's anger with her parents, specifically her father.

It was like she was drowning every time he said something. How does he know so much?

Terence Up Close - The Arrangement Season 2 Episode 3

I'm going back to my original theory that he's being fed information from Shaun. How else would he know so much about her father and mother and her feelings about both of them?

And why hasn't she figured out that Shaun may not be her best friend after all?

This is all conjecture because we haven't seen anything to indicate Shaun is a traitor, but she has got to be the key to all this, right?

The whole Terence and Megan having dinner and drinks and then dancing was a little unnerving. I'm not sure that Kyle would have appreciated what was going on, even if it was innocent.

In fact, I don't think Kyle likes Terence spending any time with Megan at all because he was awfully testy with her, and it went deeper than just him being nervous about his directorial debut.

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Megan might have been right when she wondered if Terence was jealous of Kyle. He may have denied it, but there has to be a tiny tinge, especially knowing that Terence wanted to be an actor. 

He wanted to be Kyle but didn't have the right stuff, so he decided to create a cult as a way to "help" people find their passion and live out their dreams. Personally, I think the whole thing is a way for him to punish everyone for him not getting what he wanted in his life.

Terence is dealing with deep-seated issues, and the incident in the garage brought them to the surface. Terence is all about control. He couldn't control what happened to his father, and that formed his whole persona.

Having Lunch - The Arrangement Season 2 Episode 3

He didn't delve too much into his issues with his mother except that he was angry with his dad for leaving him with her. It had to be traumatic losing his father the way he did. Who knows how his mother dealt with it, but that kind of tragedy can send anyone over the deep end.

It certainly messed up Terence's head so why not mess with other people's head, right?

I wouldn't mind seeing a spinoff just about Terence. I wouldn't mind seeing Megan in that mix either. While it's entirely messed up, their relationship is the most intriguing of the series.

They both have serious issues and hidden agendas, and it's fun watching them play off each other. I just wish he didn't so easily manipulate her. She always starts off strong and then falters when it starts getting heavy.

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Why can't she just stay strong? It would be different if she freaked out about things out of sight of people. I don't like that she gives Terence that power. It's what he wants, and it's how he's going to end up controlling her.

The relationship between Kyle and Megan is getting boring. I don't care much about them or their movie. Maybe it's because they haven't been spending much time together.

Shouldn't they be planning their wedding? Why is IHM doing everything? How sad for her that she has no say in any of it.

Getting the Upper Hand - The Arrangement

Deann was about as shocked as I was when Terence brought up the idea of kids. Yuck. Can you imagine him being a father? 

It's just another element of control for him. Deann isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, either. Terence influences her too much, and now that something tragic has happened to Mason, she's not going to be strong enough to hold him off.

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And once he gets going with one kid, who's to say he'll stop. I can see his ego going off like a flight of fireworks and him having kids with every woman at IHM. That's how mentally ill Terence is. 

Megan needs to step out of herself and refocus. Finding her father isn't the priority -- bringing down IHM is.

Over to you guys!

What did you think of "The Sessions"? Were you taken aback by the coziness between Terence and Megan?

Is Shaun feeding Terence information about Megan? Is Shaun to be trusted?

Do you care about Kyle and Megan anymore?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts! If you need to catch up, you can watch The Arrangement online right here via TV Fanatic!

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