The Librarians Season 4 Episode 7 Review: And the Disenchanted Forest

The Librarians seemed to be moving on.

The squad was (not surprisingly) thrown for a loop by Flynn's shock departure on The Librarians Season 4 Episode 6. 

This naturally led to dissension in the ranks early on The Librarians Season 4 Episode 7. So Eve took charge since there was no one else to do so and took the Librarians to a team-building camp.

Team Building - The Librarians

Since this is the Librarians, of course, this didn't mean just a series of trust falls and obstacle courses.

Instead, in the finest tradition of horror movies, there was something lurking in the woods.

I thought something magical was at play because of the ways that the Librarians were acting. Jacob was lovesick, Cassandra was a prankster, and Ezekiel was responsible. Talk about Bizarro World!

But this was never addressed. Could it be as simple as being off-balance because of Flynn's departure and what Eve told them about Darrington Dare's predictions?

Taking Charge - The Librarians Season 4 Episode 7

Only Eve was actually on her game, investigating why people were disappearing from the camp. Of course, that was because she was burying her distress over Flynn leaving her again in work. Still, since the other three were contributing little, she was the one who was going to have to solve the case.

While it was good to see DOSA back in action, this particular unit wasn't much help when it came to solving the mystery of The Devil's Forest. It took Cassandra's visual hoodoo to show them they were searching in the wrong place.

Then there was charging at the massive tree with a magical chain, despite the research pointing to how essential that forest was to life on Earth. Thank God Eve had some common sense and opted to negotiate rather than attack, even if that goes against her nature.

I honestly thought that, following the ancient prophecy, the Librarians were going to fall one by one. When Jacob got absorbed by the tree to be its spokesmen, I figured "Well, that's it for him."

Water Rescue - The Librarians Season 4 Episode 7

That annoyed me since I feel that if any of the junior Librarians are going to become The Librarian, it should be Jacob. He's got the most knowledge on board, plus he can actually take care of himself in a fight. Cassandra is too sheltered and lacks a worldview, while Ezekiel is, well, Ezekiel. Nuff said.

Jacob's skill as a leader was evident in the way he bucked up Eve. She was attempting to keep up a brave front but finally broke down while listening to Jacob, who was consoling her despite his own predicament of being embedded in a tree.

Fortunately, my concerns were unfounded. All of the tree's "captives" were released after it reached an understanding with Eve and DOSA. Boy, are the historically displaced people such as that conquistador in for some culture shock!

Team Building - The Librarians

Serena was an interesting addition. I'm still wondering how she ever learned about DOSA and the Library in the first place. Then everyone talked to Jenkins on a tablet with her in the midst of the conversation, and she didn't figure out that this team had something unusual going on?

That made me wonder about her reporter's instincts.

Will Jacob and Serena remain separated? Flynn and Eve worked as a couple because their roles as Librarian and Guardian kept them together 24/7. Still, unlike the general public at work, Serena is aware, and now has been to, the Library.

So why couldn't she get some special dispensation? Or does Jacob have to be free for romantic entanglement in any given episode?

Jenkins seemed to be having a difficult adjustment to becoming normal. Being sick is never enjoyable, and it had to be even harder when you hadn't undergone such an experience in centuries. (I'm sure there had to be many illnesses floating around King Arthur's Round Table.)

I can't see where Jenkins' role has really changed. He was still the Librarians' font of knowledge and was the one who knows where the bodies are buried. He had just become another mortal who is going to have his whiny moments. 

So what will Flynn's absence mean for the Librarians? It may actually give the younger Librarians more room to grow, as Jacob seemed to be doing. Without death hanging over her head, Cassandra can certainly explore more outside-world experiences. Ezekiel certainly has the most room to mature.

To catch up on the changes, watch The Librarians online.

How well is the team adjusting? Should there only be one Librarian? How will Jenkins evolve? Comment below.

Dale McGarrigle is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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