Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 10 Review: The Ugly Sleep

The show has found its groove, and Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 10 is a perfect example of that.

Some of the minor complaints about the series have been rectified, and many of the show's strongest aspects were highlighted in this hour.

Kevin's Riding High - Kevin (Probably) Saves the World

For a bit, it felt like Amy had very little to do. She was wrapped up in Kevin and trying to make sure he wasn't spiraling, being the super protective, and at times disapproving, sister. But she was a ball of fun throughout the installment, and the relationship she has with her twin was amusing and endearing all at once.

Amy has really grown over the course of the season, and it has been a blast to watch her progress, especially regarding Nate. The two are finally going on a date! Yay!

It's good to know that one of the main ships is finally taking off and headed in a positive direction. Not to say that Kevin and Kristin aren't.

That must have been weird going on a double date with your ex and your sister.


After the world's most awkward double date ever involving Kevin, Kristin, a mopey Charlie, and Amy, Kristin realized that she just isn't ready to date yet. She's still mourning her mother.

You know what? That's understandable. It was a very astute and introspective conclusion that she came to, and that particular conversation with Kevin was great.

That brings me to another minor critique that has been rectified. For so long, Kristin just seemed like she was there. She wasn't always utilized to the best of her abilities, and India Beaufort has proven that when given the material, she can truly shine.

It's great to see Kristin written and utilized better. She feels like she's finally implemented into the storyline better, and I'm more invested in her and Kevin's friendship and potential relationship more than ever before.

Reese is another character that occasionally isn't used to the best of her abilities, but this time she had her own side storyline, and we were granted the opportunity to see just how much she has blossomed and grown since the pilot.

Kevin truly has made quite the impression on her, and their relationship continues to be one of the best aspects of the show. Kevin isn't just the cool uncle; he's like a big brother who totally screws with her and bugs her to oblivion, but also provides advice and guidance when she needs it. That's something Reese had been missing from her life since her father died.

Reese stumbled a bit, not unlike many teenagers, when she was almost on the brink of casting her new friend Jennifer aside out of embarrassment. Jennifer the urban forger was sweet but odd by teen standards.

People are always going to need help, and I can't just look away and pretend not to notice. Not anymore. I have to do the right thing, and sometimes the right thing sucks.


For someone like Reese who is just getting back into the swing of things with socializing with kids her own age, it made sense that she would be reluctant to embrace Jennifer's quirkiness becase she had too much to lose herself.

Fortunately, Drama kids are more than able to handle a little quirk. One conversation with good ole Uncle Kevin and Reese was able to right her wrong. It's rather sweet how similar Reese is to Kevin.

Speaking of sweet, Tyler and his pure soul was still searching for the love of his life, Yvette. Why can't angels and humans make it work? The two of them would be so precious together!

Tyler was still smitten, going so far as to place an ad in the hopes of finding Yvette. He's convinced that he met the love of his life. As much as Yvette was dismissive of his feelings at first, deep down, she was smitten too.

You can't truly love someone until you know them.


Yvette genuinely seemed to like Tyler and his pure soul. When she wasn't showing off the legendary Kevin to the other angels (in a scene that was laughed out loud funny), she was going so far as to seek advice from the task of the week on love at first sight.

This shift in focus worked. Kevin is more settled into his mission, so his partnership, and dare I say friendship with Yvette feels more even and equal. As a result, Kevin is free to take on his task without Yvette having to guide him through every move, and it frees her up to have more of an individual storyline for herself.

We get to learn more about Yvette as her own person, and we were able to watch her sort out her feelings for Tyler. Don't even get me started on how adorable it was that she and Kevin were able to talk about their relationships like true best friends.

I can't get enough of their dynamic, and I love how it has evolved into such a beautiful friendship.

The case of the week was pretty simple. Charlie was like Charlie Brown with beautiful hair. He was hung up on his ex, and Lionel Richie made him depressed. 

Kevin put an effort into making Charlie move on, which unfortunately led to that disastrous date with Kristin, but the most interesting thing is, the Universe sort of took care of Charlie's situation itself.

Kevin didn't have to put in as much work as usual, and it sort of worked itself out on its own. Perhaps that's his reward for finding one of the Righteous in Laos. 

If the clues are any indicator, the next location of a Righteous Soul will be a bit chilly!

Kristin: Hi!
Kevin: Teaching?
Kristin: Trying.

Let's hope Kevin's new job as a substitute teacher will allow him the flexibility to travel wherever the signs take him once he figures out where the next Soul is.

Kevin has been so wrapped up in all of these tasks that it was easy to forget he was still unemployed. Being a substitute teacher suits him. 

His natural charisma and charm work with the students, and he's proven that he's great with kids. Plus, it means he'll be around Kristin more, and I more than welcome more Kristin time.

This was the most well-balanced hour of the show to date. All of the characters were utilized well, and the overall character development was strong. The show continues to be an absolute delight!

Over to you guys. Did you enjoy the episode? Does it feel like all the characters are finally being integrated into the storyline better? What do you think was in that letter Yvette sent Tyler? How are you feeling about the 'ships? Hit the comments below!

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