Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 10 Review: Rabbit Hole

When Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 10 gets personal, that's when it succeeds. 

The winter premiere focused on Ruzek's almost-betrayal of Voight and the demise of Halstead's undercover relationship with Camila. Two compelling storylines threaded into a fantastic hour! 

Let's be honest, we all knew Halstead's fling with Camila was going to blow up in his face, right? An undercover cop dating a girl who is messed up with the wrong crowd and dealing cocaine spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e. 

Halstead Must Choose - Chicago PD

But I didn't expect it her to be the suspect in a who-dun-it murder investigation or that Halstead would willingly put his career on the line for her. 

Halstead's actions weren't completely out of nowhere; he's dealing with unresolved PTSD from his time in Afghanistan and still hurting over Lindsay's exit. 

Although he knows what Camila did was wrong and that he's in over his head, he doesn't want to abandon her like Lindsay abandoned him. And he also doesn't want to feel lonely anymore. 

Despite her extracurriculars, Camila seemed like a promising love interest so I didn't exactly want their relationship to end. 

Halstead's always played on the "right side," and it was interesting to see him get led down that dark alleyway and have his morals questioned. How much would he sacrifice for love or for something that seemed like love?

Camila's story isn't so black-and-white either. We feel for her because she isn't necessarily a bad person; being surrounded by that crew, dealing with her brother's death and not having enough money to pay for rent led her to make some questionable choices.

Unfortunately, moving drugs that led to a murder of a DEA agent isn't something the law looks at lightly. 

Jay Finds a Gunshot Victim - Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 10

For a split second, I thought that she was the one that murdered Ella and she just had Halstead wrapped so tightly around her finger; he believed anything she said. I'm glad that wasn't the case. 

I don't think I'm the only one that noticed that this is the most action Halstead's ever had, and that's because it's a fireable offense; one that made his unauthorized, yet undoubtedly helpful undercover assignment that much more complicated. 

When the murder was happening, I was in the back room screwing your partner. Is that good enough?


For those rooting for #Calstead, the fact that she's willing to "cooperate" with Upton's request to keep her romantic relationship with Halstead on the down-low means that maybe we'll see more of her soon.

Maybe she'll get a real shot with Halstead once she gets a second chance, granted she forgives him for lying.

And I don't think we can put all the blame on him for this one because she's been lying too. It wasn't as serious as withholding her real identity, but still, a lie is a lie.

Despite what went down, these two had deep feelings for each other  — those "I love you's" have to mean something! 

Even though he said it in a moment when he needed to get the truth out of her about the killer's identity, you could tell he meant it.

Halstead's Down the Rabbit Hole - Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 10

It also seemed like he knew the relationship was going to implode, so it was his way of saying goodbye, which is almost as heartbreaking as the look of confusion and betrayal on her face when Intelligence busted in to arrest her and Wallace. 

Camila isn't the only one who is hurt and suffering by all of this either. Halstead didn't risk everything and dig a hole he might not be able to climb out of just because she was a good squeeze. 

Which has me wondering, did she know the real Halstead just under a different name?

Her last comment resonated because not only is it intriguing, it foreshadows a new Halstead for the remainder of the season.

Like hell if I didn't know him. The person you know, that's the lie.


She never knew the real Jay, but she made a point to tell Upton that they didn't know the "real" Halstead either. Will the real Halstead please stand up?

I may be biased because he's one of my favorite characters, but I'd like to see what she means by that. Even when he was Ryan, Jay was using tactics that he learned during his time in the military and intelligence. He may have been a little edgier, but what else do we not know that's hidden behind those baby blues?

Upton's a Ride or Die - Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 10

We got to see a bit more of who Upton is, and I'll just say, I want her in my corner when there's a problem! 

She's loyal to a fault, calls you out when you're out of line, will vouch for you and is taking names! This is the second time she hasn't ratted anyone out to Voight — the first being Ruzek — who knew damn well that Halstead was lying to him about everything. 

Here's the thing, Voight plays poker with criminals, thugs, and murderers on a daily basis. Don't you think he's going to call his own team member's bluff?

Why hasn't his team learned that they can always count on him, especially when they're trapped in a corner or doing something illegal?

On top of dealing with Halstead's cocaine-infused dalliance, he also had to deal with a mole in his unit. 

From the finale, we know Ruzek was caught up in his web of deceit, but we didn't know how Voight would handle it. 

Voight Is Not Someone You Want to Mess With - Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 10

Thankfully, he didn't just jump to conclusions or blame Ruzek for feeling boxed in. He knows what it's like to have someone dangle your family in front of you as blackmail so he'll give him a second chance. 

There were times I doubted Ruzek, but I never wanted him to be the snitch that Woods so badly needed him to be.

And what's better than Woods using Ruzek to get intel on Voight? Voight secretly using Ruzek as his pawn to control the narrative and eliminate Woods. I think he called that "survival."

Ruzek: I mean, Lieutenant, what is this? Why do you hate Voight so much?
Woods: Hate? Nah. We're two dogs in a cage with one bowl of food. That's not hate. It's survival.

There was a moment after Ruzek's intense face-to-face with Voight where he exhaled, revealing a shakey fist, and I have to be honest, I was relieved too. Ruzek of all people knows what Voight is capable of and you do not want to be on the receiving end of his wrath!

What does Voight have planned next for Denny now that he knows that this is about more than just revenge and that he's trying to take him out of the game?

What are your thoughts on the winter premiere? You can always watch Chicago PD online and leave your comments below! 

Lizzy Buczak was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in June 2021..