Zoo Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Wham, Bam, Thank You Sam

Maybe it was just me, but Zoo Season 3 Episode 7 felt like it might have had some editing issues.

Situations were happening too fast and balls were up in the air and dropped and some were never even thrown. 

Enough with the balls, right? I'll just dive in.

A Familiar Face - Zoo

What did I miss with the kids?

Abigail was clearly trying to manipulate their little brains with the help of the drug. Got it. So she tried about five times, and when they didn't see the right objects on the screens beside them she set them free.

Uh, what was the point of all of that? Even I know experimenting with kids and their brains is going to take more patience than she had. 

Giving up for the day would have made sense. Setting them all free? Maybe she's expecting their side effects to form naturally in the wild and for all of them to race back to her like homing children. 

But seriously, what did I miss?

A Romantic Stroll - Zoo Season 3 Episode 7

If I was going to go with anything for the there-now then-missing wolf, it was going to be a hologram, because teleporting was not an option. 

The snake made much more sense since we could see something happening when the wolf disappeared. And hey, out from behind that nothing came Max!

Mitch probably wished he was hallucinating at that point.

The similarities of the humans on the perimeter footage Abigail saw earlier and that of the three of them converging was eerie, though. Was that on purpose? Did Zoo merely use the same footage because it was handy? Or am I nuts?

I know...right now you're wondering why you're even reading this when I have more questions than answers. Let's all remember this is Zoo. There are always more questions than answers. And we dig it. WE DIG IT.

Germany Calls - Zoo Season 3 Episode 7

I'm surprised we lost Logan so early in the season. I finally enjoyed his presence, and he skedaddled across the world to help the top echelons of IADG investigate hybrid DNA dust on the bodies of four dead hikers.

The good news is you don't pull Michael Hogan in to play Agent Garrison for a 30-second role. 

They'll be back in some form or another. Either they've already been given the green light for a fourth season, or we're heading to Germany before the end of Zoo Season 3

Let's be real. It would be rude of North America to bogart all of the hybrids, and if a snake is on a plane already, then it's more than likely some other smartass hightailed it off the continent with another specimen.

Where Is the Snake? - Zoo Season 3 Episode 7

That's right. Max wasn't all too pleased that Jamie went all Sharknado on his white whale. She might have thought it was cool to pop up out of a 40-foot snake carcass saying she's been worse places, but Max wasn't impressed.

He's used to thinking only of himself, and now he's endangered even last viable fetus (already in jeopardy) on the planet so he could live his scientific dream.

Cough cough asshole cough cough.

For a while there, I thought we were going to lose half the cast in one fell swoop with Logan moving to Germany, Dariela taking Isaac home and Clem going into the tank. Maybe it's not that dire yet.

Clementine is so awesome. Of course she knows everything about cars so could fix the tank when the scientists rubbed their noggins in confusion. Why wouldn't she?

She held her own against Abigail when the entire team left her alone on the plane so they could go hunting. That wasn't well thought out, was it? If they hadn't, they wouldn't have discovered the baby's disease.

Or was the disease due to injury? I didn't quite understand. Duh. Again.

Regardless, it led us to the information on her baby daddy. How many Sam Parkers lived in Colorado, had parents in Pittsburgh, drove a red pickup, liked country music and gin? Only one. And it wasn't the guy Jackson found.

(For the record, I lived in Colorado and my parents lived in Pittsburgh...I'm pretty sure a LOT of people flee Pittsburgh for Colorado.)

Abigail could have asked Jackson to talk. He would have gone willingly versus having a poor dude named Sam he didn't even know shot dead in front of him. It's not going to be difficult watching her die eventually.

Maybe she's going to try the Metabolife (Wheatabix...I forget the name of the drug) on herself and Jackson to see if their brains are better suited for being mental twinsies. Or even add in Abendagos for mental triplets! That would be a fun experiment.

The whole trip is going to hell. That's obvious.

Jackson is kidnapped. Clem is tanked and awaiting a cure that may never come (I love her), Mitch is not himself (did you see his face when Max found him over the slumped Jamie?), and Max is hiding a giant hissing snake egg. 

What are the odds Isaac is going home? Uh, nil. Poor kid. I hope his mind erupts into something stupendous between now and Zoo Season 3 Episode 8

And yet, who can turn away? I can't. Hit me with your thoughts and watch Zoo online if you need to catch up. Summer fun never looked so good.

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