Stitchers Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Maternis

Did anyone see that coming?!?

We have to bow down to Stitchers Season 3 Episode 10, "Maternis," for managing to deal us an emotional cliffhanger only to turn it on its head less than 30 seconds later, and leave us with an even bigger cliffhanger.

It's hard to decide whether to applaud the genius move or break our TVs because we cannot believe that happened.

There for Her - Stitchers Season 3 Episode 10

Credit where credit is due: the season finale struck all the right notes. It didn't waste our time with unnecessary, unrelated cases as much of Stitchers Season 3 has done.

Instead, we were thrust right into the heart of the mystery when Admiral Decker returned as a military escort for the victim. Normally, I'm the first one to complain when a show delivers heavy-handed exposition, but this time it was required.

Unless I was the only one who completely forgot Kirsten blackmailed the admiral on Stitchers Season 3 Episode 1?

I've said this before, and I think it's worth repeating: Stitchers has a bad habit of straying too far from its mythology. It's difficult to remember important minor characters.

So thanks for the much-needed recap when he appeared.

Kirsten: Admiral Decker, who is Denise Nichols?
Admiral Decker: Denise Nichols picked the stitch cases. We're here because we need to find out how she did it. The answer is in that room.

The death of Denise Nichols, mysterious woman who picked the cases, led us down a rabbit hole of scientific explanations I'm not even going to pretend I understand.

Again, maybe others in the audience are smarter than I am, but hearing the team spit out the hows and the whys of stitch science reminded me of watching The Flash. Like the time travel exposition, I will take the information at face value.

I'm not watching this show to learn about science, fictional or otherwise. I'm here for the emotional stuff with the characters. In this case, the two were connected. 

Kirsten's been the one unknowingly picking the cases all along. Stinger connected her and her mother through their brain stems, and somehow she can scan the LA police database. Sure. Why not? I've watched her stitch into dead people for three seasons, so I'll take this.

Taking Sides - Stitchers Season 3 Episode 10

Speaking of logic, after she ruined things with Linus again, Ivy turned out to be working with Maggie and Fisher. She fed her father the email lie so he would trust her and she fed it to Linus so he would tell Kirsten and Cameron.

This one's a little harder to swallow. And it has been since Maggie and Fisher interrogated Ivy on Stitchers Season 3 Episode 6 and then never mentioned it again. No one watching was stunned when Ivy revealed she'd been working with them all along.

The revelation confirmed what I've been saying: unnecessary drama. There's no reason Kirsten, Cameron, and Linus couldn't have been brought up to speed on what Ivy was doing. They still could have staged fights and stayed away from her without the added emotional pain.

It's not dramatic for the audience when we know it's coming. It's a waste of our time.

Linus: Is crying on command something you got from your father or is that a trick you learned on your own?
Ivy: What I feel is not a game. It isn't a lie. I know that you don't understand everything that is happening right now, but you will. And soon. Please. I need a friend right now. I'm all alone.

On the other hand, we had Stinger picking a fight with Cameron as a way to explain a theory when he wanted Kirsten and Jacqueline to switch places. I had no idea where this fight was going, and it increased the tension tenfold.

Again, I'm not sure I understand the alleged science behind it or how Kirsten's emotions would translate to her mother, but I'll buy it. Their brains are connected; they've been experimented on for years, so maybe emotional triggers make perfect sense.

What matters to me is how heart-wrenching the scenes were to watch. First with Cameron saying goodbye to Kirsten for what might have been the last time, complete with a tribute to Star Wars when Cameron uttered a certain three little words. Not to be unromantic, but haven't we established they love each other?

I suppose it makes a difference when they say the words to each other rather than discussing it in the abstract with other people.

Cameron: I love you.
Kirsten: I know.
Cameron [smiles proudly]: Well played.

Either way, my fangirl heart was into it. And I even found myself appreciating Stinger when he said Cameron's love would pull Kirsten through. He might be the worst, but he's observant.

Watching Kirsten reunite with her mother while playing flashbacks to Kirsten and her friends, and Kirsten and Cameron, was a beautiful experience. It felt like an ending. Not only for the story but the show. There were a few tears on my part.

And there were even more when Jacqueline woke up, and Cameron rescued Kirsten from the tank. Kirsten finally had her mother back. Everyone survived. For once Stitchers would end a season without Cameron or Kirsten unconscious.

Got Your Back, K - Stitchers Season 3 Episode 10

To quote Cameron, well played, Stitchers. Well played. 

My guard was down, so I was blown away by Kirsten's memory loss. As I watched the time ticking away to the end of the hour, I thought for sure she'd have an epiphany. Cameron's voice would get her through it, and they would reunite.

Instead, Kirsten introduced herself to him. Kudos to Kyle Harris and the fantastic job he did with Cameron's pain. His heart was shattered, but he still tried to hold it together so he wouldn't upset Kirsten. He loves her so much.

How could Stitchers leave us with such a mean ending?

It's All Come to This - Stitchers Season 3 Episode 10

They didn't! They left us with a different frustration.

Once Cameron walked away and Kirsten's expression hardened as she promised the unseen person she'd never forgive them for making her do this is when I was ready to throw something at my TV.

But I also cheered because the writer in me was impressed with the unexpected twist. Who's she talking to? Maggie? Cameron's mom? Her mom? Admiral Decker? Aside from Fisher, Camille and Linus, who were all with Cameron when he received the news, the suspect list has so many potentials.

I'm so relieved Kirsten's memory is in tact, but what is happening?

I will never forgive you for what you're making me do to him.


Unfortunately, we may never know. Stitchers earning a season three came as a shock to most people. Stitchers Season 4 feels like an extreme long shot.

Again, my emotions are mixed. I understand why the powers that be would want to keep telling the story they planned to tell. No one goes to work expecting it to be their last day.

But the fan in me would have liked a safer ending. One where I'd know the characters would live on even if Freeform decides not to grant us another season. 

Haven't Kirsten and Cameron suffered enough?

All right Stitchers Fanatics, it's your turn to tell us what you thought.

Were you surprised by the cliffhanger inside the cliffhanger? Who do you think is forcing Kirsten to hurt Cameron? What did you think of the science behind it all?

Do you think Stitchers will survive for another season? Share your feelings below!

As we await the verdict, remember you can watch Stitchers online anytime!

Mandy Treccia was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in September 2017. Follow her on Twitter.

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