Power Season 4 Episode 7 Review: You Lied To My Face

As fast paced as this season has been, I was expecting there to be an episode where things slowed down, and it came this week. 

While not weak by any means, Power Season 4 Episode 7 was more of a setup piece preparing us for the final run of episodes. We've got Angela and company FINALLY looking at Mike, Tommy talking to Teresi, and Tariq spiraling out of control.

Moving Forward - Power

It dawned on me this week, are there any truly decent, non-psychotic people on this show?

This is a serious question I'm posing here. Find me one major character that isn't an absolute psychopath, and I will try to prove you wrong. 

The two craziest people of all, Ghost and Tommy, were back together this week, admittedly helping one another clean up the messes they made. Listening to them each recap all the things they've been through the last couple weeks was almost comical. 

Ghost, this story is so fucking weird.


Even though Kanan wasn't physically present, he was a major topic of discussion. I was struck by how unbothered Ghost and Tommy seemed to be about the fact Kanan was still out roaming the streets.

It's probably because they each have a million other things going on, but still, this is a man they've gotten arrested and tried to kill and who almost killed Tariq. I would think getting rid of Kanan once and for all would be a high priority. 

What does seem to be a high priority for Ghost is fixing his public image. Simon Stern sets him up with a primetime interview and Ghost jumps at the chance to parade his family out in front of the world and get America to see him as James St. Patrick and not a murderer. 

Tasha plays the role of dutiful wife well, as she always has, but these two could not be emotionally further apart. I can't figure out whether Ghost actually wants to be with Tasha or not.

Tasha is over Ghost and has been over Ghost for a long time, but she's also forever tethered to him. And it goes beyond them just having children together. 

Side note, is anyone else waiting for the inevitable Ghost and Angela confrontation? I know they've had a few scenes together, but there is just no way a whole season can pass us by without these two alone in a room together. My patience is starting to run out here!

Speaking of Angela, she's suspended and most likely going to lose her job so she's set out to find the real mole. As does the rest of the team. They all want to start pointing fingers at each other and it was killing me to see Sandoval continue to just fly under the radar. 

That is until Angela and Donovan saw his slimy self on the surveillance video headed upstairs toward Ghost's office. I about screamed when I saw this because watching Sandoval get away with this has been painful. 

And how about him just casually shoeing up to Donovan's place in hopes of killing him? Honestly, he and Tommy should be best friends because they both believe in killing their problems away. 

Tommy's a fucking psycho. You think I tell him what to do? He's the real threat here.


Tommy only killed one person this week, so that's good. It wasn't until Ghost pointed out how terribly sloppy Tommy was in regards to Bailey's murder that I realized just how bad that whole thing was. I think it's because I have infinite trust in Proctor and maybe I shouldn't.

It sure seems like they are trying to set this up to make us think Proctor could be looking to double cross Ghost and Tommy. I'm of the belief that he wouldn't, but Ghost lurking in the shadows and seeing Mak and Proctor talk isn't going to be good for him. 

If this season ends with Proctor's death and a rat like Dre making it out alive, I'm revolting. 

Everything Else You Need To Know 

Only three episodes left y'all! What are your predictions heading into the home stretch?

What's next for Tommy and his father? Will Ghost find out about Tasha and Silver?

What will Angela and the team do about the Sandoval information?

Drop a line down below and make sure you watch Power online right now so you can join the conversation!

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