The Son Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Scalps

The son finished off its freshman season with a finale that took us to the darkest places of Eli's soul. It was a heartbreaking end to an exceptional season that deserved more accolades and attention than it received.

Eli had to make a decision on The Son Season 1 Episode 10 and it didn't bode well for the Garcias or for Eli's relationship with Pete.

Niles - The Son Season 1 Episode 10

Eli is not a fair man nor an honest one, no matter what may tell people or himself.

He had no choice but to rile up the men in front of Niles Gilbert's fire-ravaged saloon. Had he not, he would have put himself and Phineas at risk.

And while he wanted to save only one son, he couldn't lose both.

Eli lied to the men with a heavy heart. He didn't want to betray Pedro, but he had no choice.

He thought that after they arrived at the Garcia ranch he'd be able to reason with Pedro, but Pedro is no fool.

Besides, Pete had already told Pedro what was going on and Pedro and the family were determined to fight for what is right.

They didn't deserve what happened to them.

Eli was disappointed that Pete had chosen to take the Garcias' side, but he wasn't necessarily surprised. Eli thought he could talk his way out of the situation by making it seem like Pete was mentally ill.

And he might have succeeded had Louis not been trigger happy and made that first shot.

Pedro Looks On - The Son Season 1 Episode 10

Then again, Pedro wouldn't have fallen for any of Eli's lies, and he knew that Eli was lying through his teeth.

The massacre at the Garcia ranch is something that Eli is going to have to live with for the rest of his life. He knows he did wrong by them which is why he left his talisman on Pedro's desk. 

He had crossed the line and killed one of his own.

The Garcias were like family and he owed them his life. He had betrayed a friend and lost a son because of his greed.

Or did he leave the talisman on Pedro's desk as an apology for the dirty deed like Charges the Enemy did when he gave Eli the talisman as he lay dying in the woods?

Yes, Eli didn't want to move forward with his original plan, but the wheels had already been set in motion. And he was the one who did the setting.

Everything that happened afterward was Eli's fault.  

It was hard to believe that Eli continued his lying to Sally and the kids. But Sally wasn't falling for any of it. If Pete was mentally ill, wouldn't she have noticed?

I felt bad for her when she learned that Pete had run off with Maria. She was understandably angry.

Peaceful Times - The Son Season 1 Episode 10

Sally isn't the type of person that's just going to sit around and let herself be spoonfed garbage. It wouldn't surprise me if she took the matter into her own hands to find out what really went on.

But the only people who know the truth ran across the border, and I can't see Sally trying to hunt them down. But who knows. She may surprise us all.

More than likely she's going to figure it out after the oil is "discovered."

Jeannie may be treated like she's an adult by her grandfather, but she's still a child. She just might let it slip that she knew about the oil beforehand.

That's when all hell will break loose in the McCullough household.

Eli better watch his back because Pete will be gunning for him. He might not have any power, but it wouldn't be surprising if Pete showed up just to kill Eli for what he did.

Both he and Maria are going to want revenge for the Garcia massacre. Maybe it'll be Maria that tries to pull the trigger instead?

Young Eli finally made it back to camp, and he wasn't very happy to learn that Prairie Flower had married Charges the Enemy. His first instinct was to kill the man who stole his woman, but Toshaway talked him out of it.

Instead, Eli was made a Comanche and he had to follow Comanche code which meant he couldn't kill one of his own.

But karma caught up with Charges the Enemy when he was being tortured by the ranger. It was as horrible as watching Pedro's final moments. No one deserves to die the way those two men did.

I liked that Charges the Enemy made amends with Eli for what he did to him.

It's something that stuck with Eli for his entire life.

It also brought out his vicious side. Scalping the ranger took Eli to a new level. He had never taken a life before like that, but it showed how far Eli was willing to go to protect what was his.

Charges the Enemy might have been his enemy, but he was still a Comanche brother.

Men with Guns - The Son Season 1 Episode 10

His death also paved the way for Eli to rekindle his romance with Prairie Flower. What will this mean for the future? Will they get married?

The Son did a great job tidying up the storylines for season one while still giving us enough to look forward to in season two.

As I mentioned earlier, The Son deserved many more accolades and attention than it received. It was one of best shows of the spring season because it worked on so many levels.

The writing was outstanding and the acting by all the players was impeccable. Each hour was as engrossing as the next.

I can't wait to see what season two has in store for us.  

What did you think of the season finale of The Son? What did you think of the season overall?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

If you need to catch up, you can watch The Son online right here via TV Fanatic.

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