The Son Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Death Song

Death is all around.

On The Son Season 1 Episode 4 Pete loses another part of himself when he and Eli put together a posse to ambush a group of seditionists.

Neptune - The Son Season 1 Episode 4

You have to wonder how Pete really feels about being a McCullough. He seems more burdened by the fact of his heritage than anything else.

Even if it's unasked, he does what he thinks his father wants him to do. He's a broken spirit.

When Sally asked him not to go with the posse, he told her he had no choice. He's "his son" and he has to do things whether he likes them or not.

But is that really true?

As we found out later, Eli wanted Pete to marry Sally even though he was involved with Maria Garcia at the time. Pete did what his father asked without question. But, Eli told him he could have said no.

Pete and Sally - The Son Season 1 Episode 4

Eli probably wouldn't have been happy, but I'm betting he would have respected Pete a lot more than he does. Now, it seems like he tolerates Pete.

He knows Pete is a different breed and while he doesn't necessarily like it, he would respect it if Pete would just stand up for himself.

But Pete is so torn, he doesn't know what to do with himself. 

He killed the Mexican woman with good cause, but it ate him up inside afterward. Does he feel he that the Mexicans are part of him because of his relationship with Maria?

It's obvious every time he sees her that there's regret. He might love Sally, but he's in love with Maria. Whether she feels the same is unclear, but his heart is with her.

Eli doesn't hate Mexicans even though Pete might think that.

What Eli hates is people trying to destroy his empire and that's what he sees the Mexicans doing. If it was another group he'd hate them too. 

Pete - The Son Season 1 Episode 4

Pete needs to come to grips with himself. He needs to protect the McCullough empire, but he doesn't need to lose himself in the process.

There are times when he does stand up for what he believes. He had no patience for Niles Gilbert trashing the Mexicans on their way to the ambush. He shut Gilbert down rather quickly before riding off. Eyebrows were raised but nothing was said.

Pete doesn't look at things the way his father does. To Eli, everything is black and white. There are no gray areas. 

To Pete, it's much more complicated. If he had his way, he'd have tried to talk to the Mexicans to come to some sort of peace. It would be ridiculous of him to do so considering that he got burned trying to save Cesar, but it's just Pete's nature.

He's a McCullough, but he's not his father's son.

One of the greatest moments of the hour was the introduction of Neptune, the only black man in the posse. Neptune (how did he get that name?) was in the army and the guy can kick some butt.

I loved when he sat down with the others after Niles' invitation and didn't back down from Niles' insults. Whatever was given to him was given right back.

He wasn't afraid of Gilbert or any of the other men for that matter. Had it come to fists, I'm sure that Neptune would have kicked everyone's ass.

The Posse Rides Out - The Son Season 1 Episode 4

He certainly kicked butt when the gun battle happened with the seditionists and his skills definitely saved their hides. 

I hope we see more of Neptune very soon or at least learn how he came to be known by that name.

Back in 1849, young Eli had a different kind of run in with the Texas Rangers. They came after him and the tribe as they were looking for buffalo. 

It was scary to watch the hate in the Ranger's eyes as they just began shooting at the Comanches for no reason. 

Eli had been in captivity for four months and he could have run off with the Rangers and saved himself, but he didn't. 

Instead, he helped one of the tribe who was injured to get back home where he was able to die with his own people. Young Eli's loyalty is with the Comanches now. There's no turning back for him. 

And Toshaway is more devoted to young Eli than ever. 

Although he was treated poorly in the beginning, and even that day being blamed for the buffalo, he feels a kinship for them. Although his desire to return to the Comanches might have to do with Prairie Flower too.

Still, he showed great courage and Toshaway commended him for it. I'm really loving the relationship between Toshaway and young Eli. I hope we see more of them as the season progresses. 

There is no doubt Eli is loyal both as a young man and an older man. He will protect what he feels needs protecting, whether it's his tribe or his empire. 

The Son is getting better and better with each hour. It's becoming quite a layered story. So much is happening, yet there is so much more that needs to happen. 

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