Colony Season 2 Episode 13 Review: Ronin

Colony has always had as part of its DNA a nod to Nazi occupation and the internment of the Jewish people. 

Colony Season 2 Episode 13 wiped out an entire Bloc and rid Earth of the Aliens' version of troublesome Semites, being sure to get as much use out of them as possible.

Experiencing Maddie come to the realization she wasn't going to San Fernando was this drama at its finest, but there was so much more to the hour setting up nicely what's to come on Colony Season 3.

The Bowman Family - Colony Season 2 Episode 13

The Bowmans, as a family, only made it out alive because of Will's decision to trust Snyder with their possession of the gauntlet. 

Snyder and the Bowmans are interconnected in ways they'll probably never fully understand, but the one who will likely pay the ultimate price for underestimating that connection will be Snyder.

Once again, Snyder was in the dark about what was happening. From enjoying wine and chatting about their future together with Helena, he discovered he was on the outside when he paid a visit to Dan.

Helena: I got the call last night. You were in such a good mood, that I didn't want to ruin it.
Snyder: By giving me a heads up that the world was going to end.

Snyder didn't like hearing about total rendition from Dan, and when Helena made him a promise as part of her role in the Global Authority, it fell flat. The reason Snyder always keeps his promises despite not always having the best of intentions is because he knows what it's like to be let down.

So Snyder started thinking about looking out for himself at the same time Will considered reaching out to him about the gauntlet.

The ever dwindling Broussard resistance had already lost the bunker and Morgan, and information sources were drying up.

Snyder Meets with Broussard and Will - Colony Season 2 Episode 13

Everyone didn't agree it was the best idea, but with as low as they were laying, it would have taken a long time for them to discover the reality behind the evacuation. With two small children in tow, what options did they have?

Snyder agreed to meet, but wanted to find out what delivering information of the lost gauntlet would get him. Anything he wanted, apparently. I would have taken what that guy said a bit sarcastically. Like, why are you giving me a dose of information and not just telling me where it is?

But Snyder just rolled with it, met the guys and carried on with his plan.

Snyder: Is the gauntlet here?
Will: Of course not.
Snyder: Good. I want to come with you.
Will: Why?
Snyder: Because our hosts have decided that Los Angeles is no longer in their future plans. Total rendition is coming.
Broussard: What the hell is total rendition?
Snyder: Our glorious hosts come into the bloc, round up every human they can find and take them to the factory, just like that.
Will: Why? Why are they doing this?
Snyder: To put it bluntly, because of him [points to Broussard].

It would be great if a part of him really believed what he said about not wanting to be a rat anymore, but once a rat, always a rat. 

Snyder's placing his bets on the wrong team. After witnessing the power of what Will and Katie can accomplish just being honest and being themselves, you'd think he would want to be a part of it. Nope.

Bram is Skeptical - Colony Season 2 Episode 13

Because on their way out of town, despite the best plan possible, things got hairy. 

At some point, you just have to stop playing the game the hosts want you to play. Humanity has been playing into the hands of the hosts too long. Honesty amongst each other will be the only thing that will pull humanity back from the apocalypse the aliens are trying to achieve.

Will: You all know who we are. You know how desperate we must be to try this. They didn't tell you what's happening, did they? Why they doubled up the shifts this morning. Or told you to seal the gateway and keep it that way no matter what.
Red Hat: The Bloc's being evaced.
Will: That's their cover story. It's total rendition. The Raps are gonna send the whole Bloc to The Factory. Me, my wife, my kids, you and all your families.
Red Hat: Bullshit.
Snyder: It's true. Everyone on the exemption list has already been taken out of the Bloc.

They were allowed through only to be betrayed by Snyder activating what appeared to be a homing beacon.

Of course, we know Will isn't part of any rendition, and neither is Broussard. We have no idea where the rest of the Bowmans or Snyder might end up. Snyder could very well have been played.

Broussard chose to remain behind and not to continue the fight outside the walls.

Katie: Come with us.
Broussard: The occupation is going to be tearing apart the bloc looking for me. I don't want to disappoint them.

He's still battling demons that the death of Morgan only further developed. But despite his inner death wish, every attempt he's made at going out has been in an attempt to do something heroic. 

With the Colony Season 3 renewal, my bet is on Broussard breaking free of his pain and deciding the fight is the better option.

Helena Watched in Horror - Colony Season 2 Episode 13

In the last few hours of the season, we've gotten to know Helena a bit more. Sure, she turns to a guy like Snyder to get things done, but she has a heart. She did fight for the LA Bloc as best as she could, even if she fought for herself harder.

Who wouldn't, under the circumstances? If you have any pull whatsoever, being alive is the better alternative so you can live to fight another day. It's exactly what Will said to Broussard and why I think Broussard will continue his journey.

The look on Helena's face as she watched the spacecraft getting into position over the loading area for the total rendition wasn't one of peace or accomplishment. She was gutted.

Imagine if she could have seen the people huddled together before the doors opened to the loading area and the craft in the air, akin to the trains leading the Jews away to the concentration camps.

Everyone in the LA Bloc was being taken directly to The Factory to be worked to death. It's the same as being gassed because there isn't a way back. It's a one-way ticket to a terrifying death for men, women and children alike. But this time, the people have a frame of reference.

Maddie spent her final hours coming to terms with what was happening. She made one last attempt to get out but was beaten down. She drank the Kool-Aid. She fell for a false religion, decided against believing in her sister and now was on death's door. 

It's hard to imagine what she must have been thinking in those moments, but the tears streaming down her face were an indication.

I know people think I have an "obsession" with the hosts, but information is power. What we discovered at the very beginning of the hour is that the hosts appear to be more computer than living organism. Whether that's how they were able to travel so far, or if inside that core lies a different kind of essence, it's an important discovery.

The interface with which they communicate is only one of a whole plethora of computerized pieces that make up the "being" that houses that core. Thinking back to Independence Day, smiting the group with a virus might be a way to disable them altogether. 

So, yes, appearing to look like us in shape and gearing up in motorcycle-like garments was quite intentional and throws off bystanders as to what's really inside. Nothing but cables and wires.

There are so many possibilities for Season 3, but things will be changing. Whether the entire cast will be on board is open for debate since the production is moving from Los Angeles to Vancouver. 

As for the characters, for those who are left, I would think the humans who were exempt will either be suicidal or fired up and ready to fight. That's a shame since their numbers were just diminished so abundantly. 

What Will Broussard Do? - Colony Season 2 Episode 13

But there will be people left in the Bloc, and they will have a purpose as designated by the list we've seen. Doctors, soldiers. Perhaps they will be taken to another Bloc and brainwashed to fit in. Will the Bowmans make it out of Los Angeles? How far will they go before someone catches up with them and the beacon?

Will the Bowmans allow Snyder to leave that vehicle alive? Bram might be tempted to strangle him right over the necks of his siblings.

"Ronin" put it all out on the table. When our entire way of life is being threatened, there isn't time for factions and petty disagreements. People have to get together to find common ground.

Remember what really matters and stop sweating the small stuff, because if we don't, there will be a group who will come in and take advantage of all of us, divide us and conquer us. 

It's happened before, and it can happen again. Do we really want to allow ourselves to fall down that slippery slope? 

Just watch Colony online if you don't believe me. The hosts are watching. Are you?

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